Sunday, June 10, 2012

Politicalgates' Tribute to Seamus, Mitt Romney's Irish Setter

by Sunnyjane

Mitt Romney has succeeded in alienating many Americans by his stance on the various issues facing the country in this era.   He has been dismissive and/or arrogantly unsympathetic toward African Americans, the GLBT community, Hispanics, women, college students -- just to name a few.  But it's easy for those who do not fit in to one of these individual groups to shrug and say, Well, I'm not black, so... or Hey, I'm not gay, so...  and I'm a white male, so...  But there is one demographic that spans all of these groups: dog owners, pet owners, and animal lovers in general.  It's a huge group of Americans who fall into this statistical category.  And this particular voting bloc is not at all happy with Romney's treatment of his family's pet.

The cruel story of Seamus's treatment is well known.  Briefly, in 1983 Mitt Romney put his kids and wife in the family station wagon, strapped his dog into a crate on top of the car, and started out on a twelve-hour drive to Ontario, Canada.  Seamus suffered such distress that he had a bad case of diarrhea, which became apparent when the evidence started soiling the windows.  Romney calmly pulled into a service station, hosed off the car and his dog, and continued his journey.  As the Globe and Mail reported,  according to Romney biographers Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, “it was a preview of a trait he would grow famous for in business: emotion-free crisis management...[T]he name Seamus would become shorthand for Romney’s coldly clinical approach to problem-solving.”   

The Animal World Voices Its Displeasure

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