Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wisconsin Scott Walker Recall Election 2012

 By Kathleen

From the Twitter page of Tom Barrett
Today is judgement day for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as the state's electorate votes on whether he should continue as governor or be replaced by Milwaukee Democrat Tom Barrett. Walker is being held to account for his highly divisive policies which include taking away the bargaining rights of public union members such as teachers. 

So far the exit polls show that there has been a high turnout and the race would appear to be an extremely close one. According to Politicususa many republicans are nervous that they might lose and are in panic mode. Traditionally a high voter turnout favours Democrats so I am much more hopeful that Tom Barrett can win than I was earlier today.

If Barrett does win then this result will send a resounding message to the GOP that Wisconsin voters have had enough and will no longer tolerate its attacks on their rights. Such a welcome outcome is bound to send chills down the spine of any GOP supporter and will also not be received very well by Team Romney. Billionaires might also get the message that they are not allowed to buy elections.

Also up for re-election are the Lieutenant Governor and four Republican State Senators. If any of the State Senators lose then the chamber will be under Democrat control. 

Taken a short while ago voters still in line to vote in Milwaukee.Photo by Nick Bohr

Anti Walker protest today outside the State Capitol Building

Line of voters outside Sugar Creek Town Hall by Amy Smith

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In the time that it took for me to write this post and source the photos it was announced by NBC that projections revealed that the recall election was lost by the Democrat  and that the Republican had won. Wisconsin voters were still standing in line to vote as this claim was announced. It is said that some voters left the line and declined to vote. I'm not sure how it is that a TV station can make such an announcement when voters have yet to have their say. That is not how democracy is supposed to work. 

At least the Senate has returned to the Democrats which will make it a whole lot harder for Wisconsin's "new" governor to push through his divisive agenda so all is not lost. I never stay despondent for too long and neither should you. Despite the uphill battle against the machine we cannot give up on hope. There is an election coming up in November and it is important that Mitt Romney does not win or America really might find itself living in a dark age. 

Your electoral process demands renewal.

Voters need to start with how it is they vote and how those votes are counted. Voters must vote by hand on a paper ballot. The votes must then be counted on the premises that they were cast. They must not be taken anywhere else. Voters must insist that the machines must go and that hand filled ballots are counted by hand by the election officials. The count should also be video recorded for accuracy by representatives of the community. Americans need electoral reform now. I'm not sure whether such  reform can happen very quickly but unless it does every voter is a slave to the machine and I am very much afraid that you will have a new President come November. Remember though that you are not doomed and you do not have to accept what it is that the one per cent want for you. Demand electoral reform. Now. 

For those of you who are interested in further reading material about other aspects of electoral reform this link is to an article written in The Nation in 2008 -- it is the most comprehensive article that I have read on the subject of electoral reform.

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