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Levi Johnston slams his former lawyer Rex Butler on Facebook and defends himself against "deadbeat dad" claims - Read the full facebook exchange

By Patrick

Levi Johnston, who, according to Bristol Palin's frequent public accusations, is a "deadbeat dad" and doesn't pay child support, has now started a public facebook community page.

On this facebook page, Levi, who often has been silent when he was slammed by the Palin-family in public, makes some first attempts to show that he is is a different type of father and that the constant Palin-propaganda is not accurate. We are on Levi's side here, as it is absolutely believable that the Palins play dirty with him - as they have played dirty with many other people before who got in their way, may it be Mike Wooten, Walt Monegan or John Bitney - just to name a few examples.

It is regrettable that Levi did not defend himself more vigorously in the past, especially since Bristol Palin made a fortune out of exploiting his son Tripp via magazine articles, TV adverts and now a tacky reality TV series.

On May 22, Levi posted on his facebook page a picture of a text message to Bristol, apparently in order to prove that the claims that he does not want to see Tripp are wrong:

However, there might be other reasons why Levi has been "handicapped" as far as his dealings with the Palins are concerned. It is obvious that Levi's anger runs deep. Evidence for this can be found in the comments below the above picture that Levi posted. The following exchange has been posted in a shortened version already on another blog - but we have the full exchange, as "Dorothy Marriott", who commented there, is the facebook-name of our very own Kathleen. The complete exchange is not visible any more, as Levi deleted his last comment.

We did not publish this exchange so far, as we first tried to get into touch with Levi directly, but unfortunately we received no response.

So here is now the full exchange:

Dorothy Marriott 
More action like this, Levi. I hope you have a decent lawyer now.
39 minutes ago

Levi Johnston
 I ask for Tripp twice a week. It's kinda hard going up against a family that can afford to bribe a lawyer a million dollars easily and make it so I lose my son forever.
 21 minutes ago

Dorothy Marriott 
That is terrible. Do you know this for a fact? Now that is big news.
17 minutes ago

Levi Johnston
 No I don't.. just saying that they could easily of they wanted to and are definently like that. Found out my last lawyer was on their side the whole three years he was working for me. That's why I have to find the right lawyer this time so this doesn't happen again.


These comments by Levi did not surprise us. However, it should be noted that Levi did not claim as a fact that the Palins bribed Rex Butler. He clarified in the second comment that he does not know this for a fact and adds that "they could easily if they wanted to and are definitely like that." This is a very important difference, and should be reported also for Levi's own protection, as the "shortened version" of this exchange reads very differently.

Over the years, there was more than enough evidence that Rex Butler and Tank Jones did not act in Levi's best interest. From the public information alone, witnessing the poorly conducted custody trial with Bristol, one could see that Rex Butler achieved very little for Levi Johnston.

The old days: Levi Johnston, Tank Jones and Rex Butler

An inside source also let us know several months ago that Rex and Tank were not happy at all that Levi decided to tell his own story in his book "Deer in the Headlights." This behavior by Tank and Rex is very puzzling indeed.

Tank Jones had been Levi's constant companion for years, his "handler", being together with him virtually all the time during public appearances. Officially, Tank was a bodyguard. But it also might have very well been the case that Tank's role was to make sure in the first place that Levi did not do anything "stupid." But at this point, we can only take guesses.

Then there is "Sarah Palin's big elephant in the room" - her faked pregnancy with Trig. Rex Butler certainly knows much more about this topic than is known in public. He once said to an Alaskan journalist, strictly "off-the-record", as he stressed, that he "doesn't know for certain" that Sarah Palin is Trig's mother and then showed no desire to discuss this topic further. Levi Johnston on the other hand always seemed convinced that Trig is Sarah Palin's biological son - a fact which many of our readers did not like in the past, but which could be explained, as I am convinced, by the fact that Levi himself was duped by the Palins regarding this matter.

The Palins made sure that their big deception was guarded as carefully as possible - and made sure that Levi right from the start had no doubts about Sarah being the biological mother of Trig. As it turned out, this plan worked. It is a shame that Levi does not really want to talk about this topic. We surely would be very interested to talk to him about this, as it could solve some open questions, but also raise new questions. Regardless, it would most likely bring us closer to the truth about Trig.

Levi Johnston, who is still very young and whose anger about the whole situation is more than understandable, is in a very difficult position right now, but his only possibility is to try to take charge of his own life. We wish him lots of success, and he surely has our blessings.

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