Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekly Roundup, May 29-June 4, 2012

by Blueberry T

Friday, June 1, 2012

Kathleen literally got out of her sickbed to write a post about the trial of Schaeffer Cox, currently taking place in Alaska.  The trial is shining a light on the dark and tangled web of Alaska politics, and particularly the close relationships between accused domestic terrorists and the “inner circle” of Sarah Palin’s administration and associates.  So, in a hotel room at the 2008 Republican State Convention, Palin’s close aide Frank Bailey introduced Schaeffer Cox (currently on trial for conspiracy to murder) to William Fulton, then head of DropZone Security, with close connections to the militia movement in Alaska.  Fulton provided the heavy-handed security detail for former Senate candidate Joe Miller (whom Palin endorsed but who was then defeated by write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski); Fulton “arrested” Tony Hopfiger of the Alaska Dispatch during the Miller campaign.  As Kathleen asks, “How on earth does the person who was Sarah Palin's governmental aide know someone like Schaeffer Cox well enough that he meets him in private in a hotel room at a political convention? How is it that Sarah Palin's aide was so well acquainted with Cox that he discussed political strategies with him?”  H/T to Jeanne Devon of Mudflats, who has been covering the trial on her blog. 
Saturday, June 2, 2012

Patrick’s post delves into the latest goings-on with Levi Johnston.  Happily, we had not heard much from Levi lately, which many of us considered a good sign that he finally realized that tabloid notoriety and life on the D-list (or lower) have real limitations.  Politicalgaters universally expressed relief that Levi has finally realized that the representation that he received from his former attorney, Rex Butler and his “bodyguard,” Tank Jones, did not serve his interests.  There is an interesting Facebook exchange in which Levi and our Kathleen discuss the possibility that Rex was in cahoots with, and maybe on the payroll of, Sarah Palin.  This is speculation, but such an explanation could help make sense of the pitiful outcome of Levi’s custody battle, support payments and efforts to be meaningfully involved in Tripp’s life.   Hopefully he will get a competent and honest lawyer who will represent his interests, so that he can a greater role in Tripp’s life.  We all hope that Levi can also find meaningful work to support his family, and we wish Sunny and him well and hope that they and their soon-to-be-born daughter can lead a happy life together, away from the Palin soap opera.   

Here is the link to Levi's community facebook page. There are many unseen photos of Levi, Tripp and Sunny. Please be sure to like it and read and leave comments there as Levi often communicates directly with his readers. He certainly has a wicked sense of humour and is sharing many aspects of his life. I wish he had done this years ago. Regardless Levi is opening up now and this is a very, very good thing.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunnyjane has a stronger stomach than I do, as she was able to research and write about Congressman Joe Walsh, in her usual smart and entertaining way.  I find it hard to even look at the smug, smirking, narcissistic little twirp without wanting to smack that twisted mouth of his.   As sunnyjane shows, Walsh is another of the Bloviating ignoramus species, who revels in his own arrogant mediocrity.  No matter whether he’s dealing with an opponent or a constituent -- it’s his way or the highway.   In sum: Joe Walsh is a deadbeat dad, misogynist, racist loser who, despite all evidence to the contrary, thinks he is God’s gift to the universe.   Let’s hope that his district will see what a pitiful excuse for a human being they put in Congress, and vote instead for Tammy Duckworth, whose service to this country, spirit and determination are inspirational. 

Some Comments and Links: 

Maelewis: I'm trying to figure out the political agenda of the Right Wing of the Republican Party:
lay off workers
do away with any government aid for people who are out of work
do away with any kind of health care for people who are poor, elderly, sick and/or out of work
eliminate restrictive pollution controls on industry, dumping toxins into the air we breathe and the water we drink, contaminating our food supply and making people sick
do away with any kind of health care for people who get sick
foreclose on houses that are under water, throwing people out into the streets
do away with any kind of government program that aids the homeless
do away with education so people can no longer think for themselves
do away with fixing the crumbling infrastructure of our country so that people find themselves on collapsing bridges and highways
do away with any form of birth control  and ensuring a large population that will not be supported by any government programs for health, education or welfare.
do away with the right to vote for more and more of the 99%, leaving just the right voters
This sounds like the perfect formula to cause an uprising of the disgruntled, disadvantaged, sick, poor people, the 99% who see that the captains of industry and the political bigwigs are living high on the hog. It reminds me of the ingredients that help to spark the French Revolution.  It sounds like Rome before it fell.  If we do not learn the lessons of history, we are doomed to repeat it.

BanditBasheert reposted this comment from the HuffPo Geoffrey Dunn thread:  Perhaps Palin should quit blasting the 'lamestream' media that has so diligently protected her connections to the AIP while running with her stream of idiotic complaints against President Obama.   It's also very telling that her bots blame liberals for outing Palin in the numerous ethics complaints when it was one of 'her own', Andree McLeod, who began the onslaught.   As Palin is so quick to falsely condemn the President for his 'relationships' with Ayers who she claims is a domestic terrorist, she now needs to answer why her associations with those acting as wannabee 'domestic terrorists' should pass the smell test.

Leadfoot_LA:  How could Edwards be indicted for laundering money to hide a pregnant mistress, but Palin not be indicted for using state money, PAC $ and legal trust fund $$ to hide a pregnant teenage daughter (and then commit insurance fraud by claiming the child was her own)?!

Older_Wiser pointed out that GeorgeStephanopoulos featured Paul Krugman, saying that the Paul Ryan budget that Romney supports is a “fraud.”  

Juicyfruityy found this on the Koch Brothersand voter purges.  

HonestyinGov had the same topic from adifferent source.  

Sunnyjane pointed out a new Obamacampaign ad on Romney economics.  

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