Friday, June 1, 2012

FBI-informer William Fulton reveals: Sarah Palin's former top-aide Frank Bailey and ex-Tea Party candidate Joe Miller connected to indicted Milita-leader Schaeffer Cox

By Kathleen

Schaeffer Cox together with Joe Miller

A recent article in the ADN reports that according to testimony given by FBI informant William Fulton, Frank Bailey, former aide to Sarah Palin, introduced him to militia leader Schaeffer Cox who is on trial in Alaska for making threats to kidnap and kill law enforcement officials. 

The introduction took place in a hotel room during the 2008 Alaska Republican State Convention. Joe Miller who ran a controversial race for the US Senate was also present in the hotel room at the time. 

That year Miller was also working as an attorney employed part time by the Fairbanks North Star Borough during which time he admitted that he had accessed colleagues computers using them to sign into his personal website in order to vote on a political poll. In order to cover his tracks Miller afterwards cleared the cache on the computers but unknowingly also deleted passwords and id's belonging to his colleagues. When confronted by his superior Miller lied and denied that he had done so. He later admitted his involvement in the loss of information on his colleagues computers and was severely censored for having done so. During the 2010 Alaska Senate race blogger Andrew Halcro leaked information about Miller's employment file which later was released in the public interest by various media outlets. Miller is now suing Fairbanks North Star Borough and former mayor Jim Whitaker for leaking information from his personal employment records. Andrew Halcro has been disposed as a witness.

Furthermore, lying is a concept that Miller is very comfortable with as during the campaign he denied on his election website that he had met with Cox outside of public forums. The following statement was published on Miller's election website:

Mr. Cox offered no tangible support to Miller's run for the US Senate; he was neither a campaign contributor nor volunteer; and, save for public forums during the campaign, has had no contact with Mr. Miller subsequent to his run-ins with the law early last year.

Unfortunately for Joe Miller, William Fulton's (who worked as security detail for Miller during his campaign) testimony clearly disputes this claim. If I were him I would think again about a lawsuit against anyone as quite apart from the fact that the suit is unlikely to succeed Joe's testimony isn't exactly dependable, is it?

Frank Bailey, who was a former aide to Sarah Palin and together with two other authors wrote a "tell-all" book which gave some insights into Palin's personality that was based on State of Alaska emails, also knew Cox well enough to introduce him to William Fulton in the privacy of a hotel room. 

Bailey was part of Sarah Palin's inner circle and was also well acquainted with her husband Todd Palin who, despite denials from Sarah, is known to have registered as a member of the Alaska Independence Party which has also coincidently enjoyed the support of Schaeffer Cox who it would seem had political ambitions of his own. Sarah, not a member, gave the party a lot of succour when as Governor of the state she addressed an AIP convention via video in March 2008. 

Cox, who is in prison on charges of conspiracy to murder, has made a lot of claims regarding the extent and scope of the militia which he is a member of. He has said that it consists of "a medical unit with surgeons, doctors, medical trucks. Engineers that can make GPS jammers, bombs and all sorts of nifty stuff." I guess if you are a deranged nutcase then bombs would seem like quite nifty stuff. 

How on earth does the person who was Sarah Palin's governmental aide know someone like Schaeffer Cox well enough that he meets him in private in a hotel room at a political convention? How is it that Sarah Palin's aide was so well acquainted with Cox that he discussed political strategies with him? Strategies which likely entailed the taking down of Randy Ruedrich as the Alaska GOP chairman. The mind boogles. Bailey must have been there to represent Palin which leads nicely to the conclusion that she will pal around with anyone, including a loose canon like Cox, if it means that she is more likely to achieve her own ends. 

William Fulton also had access to firearms through his business DropZone Security in Anchorage. Perhaps they were just getting together for a beer and the takeover of the Alaska GOP but I think that it is also conceivable that Bailey and Miller introduced Fulton to Cox in the belief that Fulton could supply Cox with arms for his militia. If so, I wonder what it was Bailey and Miller were hoping for? 

I wish we knew more details about the meeting. I for one would really be interested in what was discussed and if a certain person's name was mentioned in connection to the VP nomination and all the possibilities that might entail. 


According to Fulton's testimony Bailey, Miller, Fulton and Cox met in Fulton's hotel room in order to discuss a meeting for a strategy session.

"When did you first meet Mr. Cox?
At the 2008 Republican convention, Sir. I was introduced to Mr. Cox by Joe Miller and Frank Bailey in my hotel room. We were having a meeting on a strategy session for the next day.
 Joe Miller, the ex-candidate Joe Miller?
Yes, sir."

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  1. If only our American media cared as much as we do. Thanks for writing this up.