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Book Review: Deer in the Headlights - UPDATE: Sensational heckling incident during filming of Bristol Palin's reality show - "Your mother is a whore"

By Leadfoot_LA
I have finished Levi Johnston’s book, and, despite my previous post, I am glad I read the whole thing. I’m officially changing its name to Dear in the Headlights.
Ok, so Levi didn’t tell the truth about Trig. But he has almost made me forgive him (and no, not because he mentions me in the book on page 6!) because he doesn’t go easy on the Palins. In fact, he confirms Joe McGinniss’s version of Palin family life on every point except Babygate. The Palins are horrible parents and do just the bare minimum required of them to keep their kids alive. They thrive on threats, revenge and vendettas.
Levi seems like a good-hearted kid with a love of nature and a good sense of humor. He loves his family and respects his elders. And he really, really, truly did love Bristol. He has stumbled along the way, but now he is trying hard to be a good dad to Tripp.

Throughout the book, he gives the reader a good sense of what it was like to grow up in Alaska, and how that makes him different (not better or tougher, Sarah, just different) from the rest of us. He uses cute and fun wilderness analogies and stories to help himself understand some of what he is going through.
Some interesting tidbits:

  • Sarah used to tell Levi he was her best friend. (ewww)
  • Bristol never had mono. She just switched schools -- from Wasilla to Juneau then to Anchorage – three times in one year.
  • He says, “For the record, she wasn’t pregnant then.” (Fall/Winter 2007-2008)
  • He thinks the rumors that Bristol was Trig’s real mother are “too crazy for words.”
  • Levi stresses that he can't imagine how Palin got pregnant because he never saw any affection at all between Todd and her. Todd was always in the garage and she was always hidden away in her bedroom.
  • Bristol’s announcement of her pregnancy sounds like entrapment. She was supposed to be on birth control pills. He had seen them in her bathroom but she wasn't taking them.
  • He claims that Sarah was on her treadmill two weeks after Trig’s “birth,” and they had to text her to get off the treadmillso they could tell her they were pregnant. Aren’t you supposed to rest for a month after giving birth?
  • When Levi tells of Sarah insisting upon adopting Tripp, he throws in a new detail – she had already had Thomas Van Flein draw up adoption papers.
  • The McCain campaign did not have any clue Bristol was pregnant until AFTER they had already announced Sarah was the running mate.
  • Levi did, in fact, live in the Palin home fromAugust 2008 until January 2009.
  • It made Levi sick to see Trig “displayed like a designer bag, then passed off to a nanny.”
  • Just prior to Tripp’s birth, Levi brought Bristol a brand new Ford truck.
  • Bristol was not registered to vote, so she did not cast a vote for her mom.
  • Levi supported Obama in his heart, but voted for Sarah’s ticket.
  • Levi kept the $80 Versace socks the campaign bought him.
  • Bristol grew to hate Levi’s family and he regrets keeping his mouth shut and not defending them. He isn’t proud of his behavior.
  • Levi bought Christmas presents for all the Palins in 2008. They bought him nothing.
  • Levi was not invited to Tripp’s first birthday party.
  • Levi has had his Bristol tattoo covered over by another, larger tattoo of the Alaska state map, to erase her name from his body.
  • Levi only got paid $50,000 to pose in Playgirl.

I do recommend that you all read the book. It only takes a day or two, and it is light hearted and funny. Levi does a great job of helping us step into his shoes over the past 3 years. And all the pictures certainly don't hurt either.
Last thing, our very own Kathleen is also mentioned, and thanked, BY NAME on page 288.
Photo credit: Nina Washawanny

Thank you leadfoot for this review.
I have already hinted in the comments that we will host a special event on Saturday. I don't like leaving our readers dangling for too long and in any case I need to give advance warning to make sure that no-one misses out on what we have arranged for you all.
So, without delay I am happy and pleased to say that we will host two very special guests here at Politicalgates on Saturday, 24th September, between 5.00pm and 6.00pm EST. for a live blogging event.
Our guests are Lois and Terry Cowan, the ghost writers of Levi Johnston's book, Deer in the Headlights. I hope that you will agree that this event offers Politicalgates readers a unique opportunity to ask questions of the two people who not only became close to Levi but who also spent a substantial period of time living in Wasilla in order to do so.
So please, make Lois and Terry welcome on Saturday. In the meantime put on your thinking caps and consider your questions carefully. Make the most of this event and above all have fun. I know that Lois and Terry are really looking forward to sharing their thoughts and experiences with us and that they want to hear what you have to say about Levi's book.
No day without breaking news! TMZ reports that a video clip was just published, showing a sensational heckling incident in a bar where Bristol Palin was filming for her reality show. A man stepped up and started to shout at Bristol: "Your mother is a whore", "She is evil" etc.
Bristol replied, "Is it because you're a homosexual and that's why you hate her?"

The man responded, "Pretty much ... and why'd you say I'm a homosexual?"

Bristol shot back -- "Because I can tell you are."
Bristol then confronts the man shortly afterwards again when he is sitting at the bar together with friends, and he says to her"fucking bitch" and "fucking white trash from Wasilla."
Bristol freaks out and storms out of the bar.
Oh boy!


Leadfoot_LA just commented that this incident with Bristol happened at the "Saddle Ranch", which is a gay bar. Surprised to meet any "homosexuals" there, Bristol? The heckler was very vicious, but Bristol's reaction was, as others have observed as well, very 1950's.



Totally off-topic - Kathleen and I are on holiday for a few days, and we are staying at a rather unusual place. Well, the interior is just a little bit "different", and we thought we should share some pictures with you, to give you an impression.

I like to play with the "real" star wars light sabers - but I am not Darth Vader, even if some people out there mistakenly believe that I am the second coming of the "Dark Lord" (not kidding you):

Patrick with light-sabers

Look at this sweet puppy outside:

Puppy picture

Yes, somebody is homosexual, PARDON ME, gay, here - but it's definitely not Kathleen or me:

Somebody is gay

More Star Wars fetish:

Woman with Darth Vader mask

The first remote controlled ape I have ever seen:

Ape remote controlled

Feels a bit like being in Hollywood. ;-)



The "bar brawl" between the heckler and Bristol Palin which happened last night was not staged. That's what I thought all along, because there is no way that Bristol would have agreed in advance to have such a heated argument. Her skin is just as thin as the one of her famous mother, and Bristol absolutely hates criticism. This has been proven before in Bristol's "facebook insult affair" from November 2010, when a teenager made a critical comment about Sarah Palin's reality show on his own facebook page and was then confronted by Bristol and Willow Palin, who started to respond and wrote insults after insults, as they were outraged that he criticised their mother. Basically, they heckled him. Read the PDF with the messages.

TMZ now identified the heckler from yesterday as Stephen Hanks from LA, and Stephen shows that he is well informed about Sarah Palin and is also not afraid to speak out:

Sure, the Palinbots will go nuts now, but if you are the daughter of one of the most divisive and polarizing politicians in the USA with an extreme right-wing hardcore fan-base, and then try to become famous yourself just for the fact that you are the daughter, you should not be surprised about incidents like this one. Especially if you have a big mouth yourself and for example tried to bully this teenager on his facebook, not even a year ago, with messages like this:

Bristol nasty remarks on facebook screenshot

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