Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Everybody Knows --- Tea Party Audience Cheers Death Of The Uninsured. Sarah Palin Says That CNN Gave A Voice To The Tea Party

By Kathleen

Last night during the CNN sponsored Tea Party GOP debate the mostly Tea Party audience cheered in response to a statement by Ron Paul for the death of the uninsured.

Not much else that I can add to this that has not already been said here, here and here.

Alan Grayson's remarks regarding the GOP's Health Care Plan in 2009. Looks like he was right:

Instead I will let the sublime Rufus Wainwright and his family speak for me. Lyrics are by Leonard Cohen:

Oh Wow! Sarah Palin is pleased with the validation of the Tea Party movement by CNN to give a voice to "We the People" --- I take it that she clearly enjoyed the cheers for the death of the uninsured. Be sure to take note that Palin says "WE" when she mentions the Tea Party.

More points covered in the interview:

Rick Perry is guilty of crony capitalism because of the back door dealing behind the vaccination of young girls in his state. Alaska wasn't going to mandate the vaccination of its young girls. Palin says that her emails prove that she knew that there was something up with that issue when she was first approached about it.

Palin is getting a kick out of getting out there, giving a speech and seeing candidates react to it. She is not going to let the media dictate when she will make a decision. She is anxious to give an answer. Whatever she does she will continue to be a mamma grizzly. If she is so anxious to give an answer what on earth is she waiting for?

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