Sunday, September 11, 2011

Leonard Cohen In Florence, Italy -- Anthem: That's How The Light Gets In

By Kathleen

There is a lot of doom and gloom in the comments. Let's remind ourselves that the light always finds a way to break through the darkness.

Patrick, myself and a good friend of ours from London had the pleasure of attending Leonard's concert in Frankfurt. This version of Anthem was sung at a similar event held in Florence, Italy on September 1 2010.

From the same concert, If It Be Your Will sung by the fantastic Webb Sisters, Leonard's backing singers.

Also, let's not forget the Mother Jones cute puppies --- everyone say Awwwwwwwwwwww!

More from the Webb Sisters -- Baroque Thoughts


UPDATE - By Patrick:

Another example of stellar journalism by the Anchorage Daily News:

What could McGinniss, publishing a book years after the Ship Sarah sailed, possibly tell us about her that we 1) don't know and 2) give a frack about?

Lying, cheating, quitting -- that's all been done by other, faster writers.

AND YET ANOTHER ... A movie called," Sarah Palin: You Betcha!" screened at the Toronto International Film Festival last week. According to a Hollywood Reporter review, it's a poor man's "Roger and Me" with no new information. British producer Nick Broomfield spent several months in the Valley gathering Sarah stuff. It purports to have a sense of humor about "this bizarre individual," according to a press release. It's supposed to open in Los Angeles and NYC on Sept. 30.

Will we ever get to see it? Who knows? Can you say "Bear Tooth"?

Wow, isn't that great that they don't care about Sarah Palin any more. After all, she is irrelevant, isn't she, the media doesn't report about her any more, the voters have completely forgotten about her, the whole of America has moved on - correct?

Apparently "fast writing" is a virtue in Alaska - I have to remember that one.

Also, don't miss the riveting front page stories from the ADN today, the home of fast writing:

Audit finds Alyeska maintenance faulty

Jazz singer from Homer gives first Alaska concert

UAF grad student collecting soundscape of Kenai refuge

Service shows new weapons in thrashing Bartlett

Pumpkins: Are they fruits, gourds, squashes or vegetables?

These really are the current front page stories at the ADN, apart from the main 9/11 top-story.

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