Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sarah Palin - Who Supports Her And Why -- New Hampshire Supporters

By Kathleen

DaTechGuy is an independent conservative radio host who covered the Tea Party Express event in the Veteran's Park, Manchester, New Hampshire on Monday. The day before he also attended the Concord, NH gathering where Mitt Romney spoke. DaTechguy is also a Sarah Palin supporter who notes on his blog that the car licence plates in the parking lot at the park revealed that people came from all over just to catch a glimpse of Sarah. Some even turned up in the hope that she might spring an announcement on everyone. Of course, she didn't, but that did not seem to dampen any enthusiasm for her. In fact DaTechGuy seems to think that she could wait until 2028 and still be able to run. Sigh! 2028? The thought of seventeen more years might just kill me.

Let's take a look at Sarah's supporters shall we? Who are they and why do they support her running for President? DaTechGuy interviews Palin advocates who range from a travelling evangelical preaching about the "End Times" to the Palin volunteer who supports Sarah because she is "beyond partisanship....and is principle driven." I understand that Sarah didn't even bother to take a moment or two to seek him out to thank him for his time.

We will start with Jim who appreciates the fact that Palin was the first to criticise President Obama and believes that she is running because she ran in the half marathon:

Next up is Doreen from North Carolina. Doreen is part of a travelling ministry "preaching about Israel, End Time events and the coming of the lord Jesus Christ." She believes that Sarah can get things done. (quite what Doreen is hinting at I dread to consider.)

Moving on we meet Eddie who is sitting front center and arrived early so that he might get the opportunity to shake Sarah's hand. Eddie likely saw The Undefeated because he thinks that she did a great job in Alaska (Eddie clearly hasn't spoken to many Alaskans) and has a great fiscal record.

Finally we meet Steve who ran the Sarah Palin 2012 booth. Steve thinks that the USA needs someone who will stick to the course in order to fix the economy and he thinks that that someone is Sarah and that this is her time. Where have you been Steve? Sarah quit when the going got tough.

I think that this is quite a broad selection of the sort of people who support Palin. Significantly, each of them seems to think that Palin will somehow save America. Many Americans though consider that Palin is a divider and not a uniter. That she destroys rather than builds. Anthea Butler, an associate professor of religion at the University of Pennsylvania would seem to agree. Writing at Religion Dispatches Anthea poses what she considers to be the real Sarah Palin question. Whom will she Wreck?

Anthea writes that Palin's detractors should start paying attention. She believes that whether Palin runs or not that she has an agenda to "mobilize the Tea Party into an effective evangelistic army for free markets, guns and God Bless America." She also thinks that Palin is not going away any time soon. Given DatechGuy's view that Palin might still be hanging around to haunt us right up until the year 2028 I imagine that Anthea is correct in her assumption. Sarah Palin has no intention whatsoever of fading away -- whether she runs or not.

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