Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"WARNING" - Open Thread

By Patrick

It is time again for an entertaining open thread! One of our readers yesterday sent us a photo of the following sign, which was attached outside the "The Gallery at 945 Chung King Road" in Los Angeles, which presently is holding an exhibition of nude photographs by the photographer Ed Freeman. This has to be one of the funniest "warnings" I have ever seen - but it also elegantly points to some of the more serious problems with which America is confronted right now.

Be warned:

Warning2 picture Los Angeles

In case this sign whet your appetite for more amusement, please check out this wonderful clip featuring Green Day's song "American Idiot", which was published just yesterday on youtube. It also features some of your least favourite politicians, including Queen Esther:

Speaking about Queen Esther:

The same youtube-user "Bluesman63" made a clip with "Sarah Palin's Proudest Moments." It's actually a really interesting clip, as it is so easy to forget how many awful appearances Sarah Palin had over time. It's well worth watching:

Just seven days until the books of Joe McGinniss and Levi Johnston will be published!

Don't forget to buy them both! :-)

If you cannot afford to buy them, please write to Kathleen, as several readers promised to donate copies. On the day of the release, we will put all the names in my real American cowboy hat and pick the winners by random. Good luck everyone!

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