Friday, September 2, 2011

Nick Broomfield -- New Sarah Palin "You Betcha" Trailer

By Kathleen

I cannot wait to get hold of a copy of this film by Nick Broomfield as I also think that it really promises so much.

Here is a sneek peek from Nick's you tube site which reveals a not very flattering portrayal of Sarah Palin at all. Lyda Green says that everybody in Wasilla is absolutely very afraid of her, and her ex- brother in law (boy has Mike Wooten changed his look!) claims that Sarah yelled at the kids and that he was the one who raised them for four years. Pastor Bess states that she is a "nice lady" who has a "genuine smile" and that she would, "kill you, like that!"

I'm happy to say that Nick has reached his goal of $30,000 to ensure that Sarah Palin: You Betcha is distributed for release into theaters and I hope that many of you will make the effort to attend in order to ensure that You Betcha out shines the lack lustre performance of The Undefeated.

Even though the goal has been reached I'm quite sure that Nick is open to some last minute pledges. The appeal ends on Saturday, September 3rd at 12:56 EDT and there are some nice little rewards attached to pledges over $50.00. Please support this important endeavor.


Here are the screening details for You Betcha at the Toronto International Film Festival. Can anyone attend any of these dates?

Here are the screening times and dates ----can anyone attend any of the screenings?


Sunday September 11

Monday September 12

Sunday September 18

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