Monday, September 5, 2011

Sarah Palin -- The Race Is On

By Kathleen

Yesterday, Sarah Palin ran unannounced in a half marathon race which took part at Storm Lake Iowa. According to the statistics compiled by the race organisers she was placed second in her age group. No mean feat --- but not yet the winner. I had to wonder about the symbolism. Sarah Palin enters a race unannounced and pulls off a rather convincing result? On her own. What can this possibly suggest?

It was clear to me. Sarah Palin has been running for the presidential election all along. The signs were all there, just as Karl Rove warned us. Palin did not turn up for the Iowa caucuses because she fancied a slab of deep fried butter on a stick, she was there to remind everyone that she still considers herself a contender and the mainstream media followed her around like a lapdog. She even managed to get more coverage by insulting one of their own.

At another time and in another place Palin did not spoil Romney's announcement because clams were on the menu -- she did so to prove that she could achieve more press coverage by eating a clam than Romney could with his announcement that he was in it to win it. I would say that she once again proved that she has the edge when it comes to manipulation of coverage.

Yesterday Palin yet again proved that even unannounced she could summon up a controversy. Did Sarah Palin really run and complete a half-marathon race in such spectacular fashion or were we manipulated into believing that she did? By dwelling too much on this I think that we may have missed the most important point of yesterday's display. Sure it is intriguing to speculate on whether the photos are real or not, even if some suggestions with regard to the possibility of them being so were somewhat far fetched. No harm done, right? I'm not so sure. I think that too much speculation may leave little room for what is really taking place right under our noses.

Palin loves symbolism and by participating in Storm Lake's Jump Right In And Run race she sent out a subliminal message to her supporters who on Friday evening urged her to "Run Sarah Run!" She is telling them that "Running a marathon is an arduous task. Look at what I can achieve on my own. With you beside me I can achieve so much more. Just like this race I am ready to jump right in there. Just because I haven't announced it yet does not mean that I am not in training towards the final goal. The full marathon."

Sometimes it is difficult to see the wood for the trees. I believe that yesterday's half marathon race was an indication to Palin supporters ( and likely the other contenders, especially Rick Perry ) that she is prepared and ready to jump in and go the distance. That her goal is the full marathon. The big one. To become President of the USA.

And, yes, that goal of hers concerns me a lot.

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