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Highly revealing video from Iowa shows Sarah Palin happily acknowledging the demands by her fans to run for president during speech by Peter Singleton

Azure Ghost - Palin and O'Donnell Iowa

By Patrick

Sarah Palin, the woman who officially is still "undecided" whether she will run for president and plays "cat and mouse" with the media regarding this issue for months, now arrived in Iowa - and has promptly taken part in what can only be described as a campaign event for her. In a restaurant in Iowa, Sarah yesterday made a "surprise appearance" as "The Boston Globe" called it, but it could hardly have come as big surprise for "volunteer organizer" Peter Singleton, the man who is pulling the strings for Palin's "unoffical" campaign in Florida.

One of Sarah Palin's fans shot a video which couldn't be more revealing: During the speech by Peter Singleton and during enthusiastic chants of "run Sarah run", Palin happily smiled and acknowledged the adoration by her supporters.

The Des Moines Register" also reported about this event.


Screenshot of the smiling Sarah during the speech:

Amanda Coyne from the excellent Alaska Dispatch is in Iowa right now and was also present at this meeting in the restaurant in Iowa. She published a highly interesting report which also includes some pictures - excerpts:

The sound crew played Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” full-blast. The lyrics, floating over the cornfields, seemed prophetic. Some of the volunteers might have been upset they'd missed Palin’s Machine Shed appearance later that night, but in the end, it might be for the best. It was terribly hot in the restaurant Friday night. Crowds swarmed around Palin. Reporters shoved. Some of her supporters, not ones to cow to a journalist’s sense of entitlement, held their ground.

It might have been a campaign event, but it was also a reunion for the folks at Conservatives4Palin, a pro-Palin website. They've been working for years together, even though some have never met in person. Die-hard Palin fans, in their eyes, they've been fighting the good fight, weathering all the various storms that have come in the wake of Palin, from the time she hit the national stage in 2008 to when she quit her job in Alaska in 2009, to today as Palin ponders whether to run in 2012 presidential election.

On Friday night, some of the C4P people got to meet the former governor herself. Among them was Damian Geminder. Twenty-two years old and a regular C4P contributor, he’s freshly armed with a bachelor's in journalism from Adelphi University in Long Island. He wore a t-shirt that read “God, Guns and Lipstick. Palin: 2012." Palin looked Geminder in the eyes and said, “Thank you for all you do.”

The man who goes by the pen-name Ian Lazaran, a young Seattle lawyer who helps C4P in his spare time, also met Palin for the first time tonight. Lazaran, a man of few words, smiled when I asked him how it felt to meet Palin. “Good,” he said. “It was really good. This has been very good.”

That's the Sarah Palin we got to know during the previous years: As much as she despises her real or perceived enemies, she on the other hand loves nothing more than the devotion of her fans. Sarah Palin is not a woman who is driven by rationality or reason, but by pure emotion, which includes "positive" and "negative" emotions. That's what she thrives on. Apart from that, not many other things seem to matter. But it's not just emotion, it's also irrationality and recklessness which defines her personality. The details especially about her private life which we learned during the last years, including the fact that Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy while being Governor of Alaska, are highly disturbing, to say the least.

Despite her obvious shortcomings, she still has a shrinking, but nonetheless highly enthusiastic base of fans and supporters. That's all she needs. Sarah Palin will run for president, but it looks like she might still wait for the publication of the books by Joe McGinniss and Levi Johnston, as they might contain some inconvenient details which might damage her. However, I personally expect Sarah Palin to run for president in any case, whether she announces tonight (which seems rather unlikely to me) or later. Sarah Palin learned during the last years that she will get away with virtually anything, and she can even count on the progressive and/or liberal media to do the job for her in the ongoing battle against the "conspiracy theorists."

Sarah Palin can even easily get away with running an "unoffical" campaign. Fox News won't fire her, you betcha! Peter Singleton, who gave the speech in the restaurant in Iowa yesterday evening apparently previously lied when he told for example the Wall Street Journal that he is just a "dedicated activist" who has "no contact to Sarah Palin's team", as Scott Conroy at "Real Clear Politics" already revealed on July 5, 2011:

Singleton has become such a fixture in Iowa politics that he is often confused for a SarahPAC staffer when conducting his work. While professing certitude that Palin will seek the presidency, Singleton is equally emphatic that he has had no direct involvement with the potential candidate.

Asked about a phone conversation he was overheard having with Palin aide Rebecca Mansour a few hours before the pro-Palin documentary, "The Undefeated," premiered here last Tuesday, Singleton paused for several seconds before offering a nothing-to-see-here explanation.

"Rebecca and I are friends," he said, explaining that they met years ago on the website "She was probably asking me what the crowd was like and how things were going."

At the cookout that followed the premiere of the film, it was clear that it was Singleton -- and not any paid Palin staffer -- who was running the show as he dealt with logistics and worked to introduce attendees to one another.

Rebecca Mansour, who is of course just coincidentally one of Sarah Palin's closest aides and is on Sarah Palin's payroll, as we together with our readers revealed at Palingates for the first time at the end of January 2010.

I said it several times before and I will say it again. Sarah Palin will run, you betcha, America! I wonder what Rick Perry will say? The big boy from Texas against the cocky girl from Alaska. It looks like it will be an incredibly wild ride indeed!

Special thanks to Azure Ghost for her wonderful graphic, which she exclusively allowed us to use here at Politicalgates for the first time!


Special comment:

At the end, I would like to address very briefly another rather unpleasant issue. Regarding the ongoing "battle of the authors" between Joe McGinniss and Jeanne Devon/Ken Morris, I left a comment yesterday at Politicalgates, voicing my opinion about this matter. Apart from that, I would like to make another thing absolutely clear: While it's correct that Joe McGinniss and I exchanged several emails in the past when I blogged at Palingates, I have had no contact whatsoever with Joe McGinniss since we founded Politicalgates in January 2011.

I mention this because it has now been openly claimed by the Mudflats-camp that Joe McGinniss and I apparently "cooperated" as far as the alleged "leaking" of the manuscript of "Blind Allegiance" is concerned. Can I therefore make it absolutely clear that we here at Politicalgates had nothing to do with this whole issue at all and that on the contrary we reacted immediately for example when one of our readers left a download link for the manuscript on the blog. We took action immediately when we saw the comment when we woke that morning. The comment which was left when we were asleep, was not only deleted immediately, but we also wrote to the reader and urged her not to leave similar comments and links again, in order to prevent the further spreading of any links to the manuscript.

To claim that any editor or contributer of Politicalgates was somehow involved in the "leaking" of the manuscript is false and malicious. The people who make those claims should really hold on for a moment and think about what great damage such kind of baseless rumors could cause.

As I said in my comment about this matter I linked to above:

Let's look forward and let's not get sucked into the trap of division and strife. Let's focus on what the target is, and why we are doing all this, for several years now. We are not doing it to have blog wars and author wars and shout at each other. We are doing it to defeat Sarah Palin and make sure that she is properly exposed, so that her political career will have no future.


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The speech is over, and as predicted, Sarah hasn't announced yet. But I am sure she will pretty soon. I didn't actually watch the speech, because Kathleen and I went out for a few hours. It doesn't seem that we missed anything terribly important, and fortunately our readers keep us always up-to-date! :-)

There is an audio-clip which was apparently recorded at the restaurant which also provides a very clear indication that Sarah Palin will indeed run for president - there is "room for more candidates" in the race, according to Sarah. Who is missing, I wonder...?



Finally, here is the speech - at the beginning, she gives a shout-out to "organize4palin", who are organizing her campaign! So - why would she give a shout-out to them, if she doesn't want to run? It's amazing that Palin got away with this "I-have-not-decided-yet-scam" up until today.

(h/t annes_123)

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