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Levi Johnston on the Wendy Williams Show - Witty and self-confident - PLUS: Levi and the Trig pregnancy

By Patrick

Levi Johnston today had a very entertaining appearance on the Wendy Williams Show. He came across as witty and very self-confident, and clearly had the audience on his side. He has improved a lot in comparison to his first TV-appearances.

Here is the full clip:

Levi Johnston will also be on the Joy Behar Show tonight. We will update the post when the clip is available.

I also would like to comment on Levi Johnston and his remarks about Sarah Palin's pregnancy with Trig - somehow the "elephant in the room." Leadfoot_LA has already voiced her opinion regarding this matter, and she surely will have more to say about this in the near future.

My opinion, in short: I am convinced that Levi Johnston was tricked by the Palins - by Sarah and Bristol.

We do know that it is a fact that Bristol Palin was pregnant at the end of 2007. I mentioned this in several posts at Palingates and Politicalgates. Republican politicians in Alaska were talking about it at the time, as we know from reliable sources in Alaska. In addition, we know for example that Bristol's best friend April Morlock once shouted in an argument with her mother Audrey Morlock: "At least I am not pregnant like Bristol Palin." According to our source, that was long before the Tripp-pregnancy.

We also later discovered photos showing Bristol with a significant and unexplained weight gain in autumn 2007. According to our research, Bristol Palin disappeared from public view in late autumn 2007, and as far as we were told, also disappeared from school - from Wasilla High, that is, where she was a student after she had returned from Juneau to Wasilla in May 2007. We were also told that it was nearly impossible for her friends to reach her during that time. Bristol Palin then re-appeared in January or February 2008 at Anchorage High, as we know first-hand through sources in Alaska.

It is clear to me that Levi Johnston doesn't know about this pregnancy. I don't believe that Levi is lying. At this point in time I cannot see that he tells deliberate lies. I am convinced that Levi closed his eyes and willingly believed and still believes what the Palins told him regarding the matter of the pregnancies.

I think that Levi is open and honest, and that he didn't know about Bristol's pregnancy in 2007. The fact that he (and the whole Johnston family) does not know about this pregnancy is in my view also one of the main reasons that Sarah Palin feels safe that her big secret will never be discovered.

Unfortunately we don't know for certain whether Bristol is the mother of Trig. I personally believe that she is, and that Trig was born in December 2007 or early January 2008, but we do not have the final proof. In any case, Levi was kept in the dark about these events, whatever happened.

Levi now says that Bristol wanted to get pregnant because she was "jealous" that Sarah was pregnat. I believe that it is very well possible that Bristol was angry that Sarah had taken her baby away - although we have of course no final proof for this version of events. A more sinister scenario could be a forced abortion, and there is also the possibility of a miscarriage, or Bristol could have been forced to give the baby away.

I do not want to hide the fact that there is a source, a teenager who was very close to the circle of friends around Bristol, who told us that Bristol is in fact the mother of Trig. However, it is incredibly difficult to get this statement or fact confirmed by other sources, as the circle of friends around Bristol in 2007/2008 is a relatively small group, and it's not easy to get access. According to this non-anonymous and verified source, Bristol is the mother, and the fact that the baby had a birth defect played a major role in this story, although it is not absolutely clear at this point in which way the birth defect affected the subsequent decision-making of the Palins, and what exactly happened after the birth-defect was discovered.

The Palins in my opinion deliberately deceived Levi Johnston when it came to Trig's birth. This seems clear to me also after reading Levi's account of these events in his book:

Trig was born April 18, 2008.

I got a phone call way early that morning when it was
still dark. It was Bristol, who I had just left a few hours
before. I knew Sarah was flying home from Texas, but that
was all. I don’t think Bristol or anyone else in the family
knew Sarah might be getting ready to deliver the baby.
Then she called home from Anchorage as soon as
she got to her car in the airport parking lot, and Bristol
called me.

Mom thinks she might be about to go into labor, Bris-
tol said into my ear. We’re meeting her at the hospital.
Sarah had been telling Bristol during the past month
that her water was leaking once or twice a day, in drops.
When she left for the lower forty-eight, though, her baby
wasn’t due for another five weeks. I had told Bristol it was
nuts for her mom to be traveling here and there, giving
speeches. I sure as hell wouldn’t have let Bristol do that.
Now Sarah was telling Bristol that the drops were pretty
much constant. Sarah had felt she had plenty of time to get
back to Wasilla. She wanted to be home rather than deliver
in Texas so that her new son could be a true-blue Alaska
boy. She wanted this child, possibly a Down’s baby, to be
delivered by her doc, who knew the deal, in our new medi-
cal center in Wasilla. If there were complications, she didn’t
want to end up stuck in Texas.

I was only partially awake, and said to Bristol, Okay. I’ll
come down later, after I get a little more sleep.
I arrived just minutes after the birth. Bristol was in
her mom’s delivery room when I walked in. Todd was
there, too.

So was Trig. My heart went out to the delicate child.
I picked him up, cuddled him. Something stirred deep
within me. It was like the instinct that surfaced whenever
my sister, Sadie, needed her big brother’s protection. Trig’s
face had the signs of Down’s. He didn’t have rounded
cheeks, and his eyes had that slant. His tongue seemed big,
too much for his mouth to handle. He needed care and I
wanted to be sure he got it. I felt an adult emotion for the
first time.

As I welcomed Trig into the world, I had no idea I’d be
repeating this same display of affection for my own child
just eight months later. Bristol, also unaware she was carry-
ing our own tiny secret, took the newborn into her arms.
Todd watched from the wings.

Between the flight and the delivery, Sarah was pale,
whipped. There’d be help at home when she got there. A
retired special-needs teacher had been lined up to care for
the infant.

Sarah was back at work for only a couple of days before
the old rumor, that Bristol had been pregnant all along,
resurfaced. After Trig’s arrival, people believed that Bristol,
not Sarah, had given birth to Trig. I wondered who they
thought the father might be. Oh.

The Palins made sure that Levi was there to witness the miracle of Trig's birth. One more reliable witness. That Levi could hold baby Trig in his arms just a few hours after the offical birth in Mat-Su Regional Medical Center in Palmer didn't strike him as odd - but what does a seventeen year old boy know about giving birth to a premature down-syndrome baby with a heart defect in a hospital which was in no way equipped for these types of births?

Levi with Trig after birth
Levi with Trig, shortly after the official birth on April 18, 2008

How could teenager Levi have know that Sarah Palin's "doc" Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, as he calls her in his book, could have never been the "doc" who supervised the pregnancy? "CBJ" in my opinion could have never been this "doc", due to the fact that she was living and practising in Anchorage, while Sarah Palin lived during the legislative session from January to April 2008 mainly in Juneau - 850 miles away.

Sarah Palin herself was also very aware that Cathy Baldwin-Johnson was not present in Juneau, as an overlooked email exchange in Palin's recently published state emails revealed. If you go to the Crivella West database and search for "CBJ", you will find all these emails from January 2008, for example this one:

CBJ Jan 28 - 2011

From these email exchanges it's obvious that it wasn't exactly easy for CBJ to find time to visit Juneau. This can hardly be the "doc" who cared for Sarah Palin during a high-risk pregnancy.

So with Levi as the reliable "crown-witness" who in public confirms Sarah's motherhood of Trig, what could possibly go wrong for the Palins?

There will certainly be more to add to this topic. Also, please be aware that this is my personal opinion and that other contributors at Politicalgates won't necessarily agree with me.

This surely makes for one interesting discussion!

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