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AK Republican Jay Ramras Says That Sarah Palin's "Bird Nose Comment" is "Mean and Vindictive". Sarah's Trademark Granted & Bristol Calls Levi a "Gnat"

By Kathleen & Patrick

Alaska Republican Jay Ramras responded to the comment made by Sarah Palin in an email exchange dated October 21, 2008 that described him as having a "bird nose" and in which Palin stated: "Maybe Jay's missing his little lady and feels frustrated lately. I'll have to keep him away from Bristol."

Politicalgates first reported this email exchange and other shocking remarks that Palin made regarding Ramras which suggested that he may be a child molester on June 13, 2011.

David Corn at Mother Jones referenced the Politicalgates post when he wrote an article summarizing the main issues arising from the 24,000 pages of emails released by the State of Alaska and called Sarah Palin's remarks about Jay Ramras "arguably anti -Semitic." David Corn also tweeted our post on June 13, 2011. In addition, the progressive "America Blog" as well as "Political Carnival" also picked up this story.

Picture: Rep. Jay Ramras (click for original size)

Politicalgates reported on June 13, 2011:

Rep. Ramras' remarks triggered a remarkable email exchange between Sarah Palin and her closest staff members which exemplifies Palin's reactions when she is confronted with criticism and open defiance.

Sarah Palin was livid. At the same time, she had no hesitation to insinuate to her staff that Ramras couldn't be trusted, as far as sexuality is concerned. On October 21, 2007, she wrote at 14:31:

From: Palin, Sarah (GOV sponsored)

To: Frye, Ivy J (DOA); Galvin, Patrick S (DOR)

Cc: ''

Sent: Sun Oct 21 14:31:08 2007

Subject: Re: Ramras

I heard it.

Sheeesh... He's basically just announced I'm not around HIM enough! Doesn't he know why? I have two teenaged daughters, everyone knows gotta' keep the young 'uns away from the likes of Jay.


Sarah Palin's reply to Ivy Frye couldn't possibly be any worse:

From: Palin, Sarah (GOV sponsored)

To: Frye, Ivy J (DOA)

Sent: Sun Oct 21 14:36:58 2007

Subject: Re: Ramras

Oh yeah- and I jsu read your letter online @ Frontiersman!!!! I'm cheering. Todd's cheering.

I'll be in Juneau tonight. But not to hold Jay Bird-Nose Ramras' hand. What a doof.

Rep. Jay Ramras is Jewish, which is a very well-known fact in political circles in Alaska. A more inappropriate comment than this one about "Bird-Nose" Jay Ramras is hardly conceivable. It's not the email conversations of a teenager we are reading here, but the remarks of Sarah Palin, who is rumored to aspire to become the most powerful person in the world.

These are by far not the only nasty remark which Sarah Palin makes about Jay Ramras in the published emails. In an email exchange from June 7, 2008 she calls Jay Ramras "Vajayjay":

Sent: Saturday, June 07, 2008 7:10 PM
To: Balash; Joseph R (GOV); Galvin; Patrick S (DOR); Irwin; Tom E (DNR)
Cc: Rutherford; Marty K (DNR); Goode; Kelly C (GOV); Leighow; Sharon W (GOV)

Subject: Re: Anchorage

Vajayjay's surely not impressing his constituents, eh? Is that the best Fairbanks can do?

Furthermore, in an exchange from October 5, 2007 Sarah Palin makes another particular insensitive remark about Rep. Ramras when she writes to Ivy Frye:

Maybe Jay's missing his little lady and feels frustrated lately. I'll have to keep him away from Bristol.

Apparently nothing is too low for Sarah Palin.

The blog JTA ("The Global News Service of the Jewish people") received a statement from Rep. Ramras, and Ramras doesn't hold back:

Former Alaska Rep. Jay Ramras, who is Jewish, said there was a "meanness and a vindictiveness" in the way Palin used his physical appearance to describe him.

"She governs like one of the mean girls of the seventh grade," Ramras, a Republican, told JTA.

He said Palin became "more and more of an enigma to people living in Alaska when we watched her govern."

"I'm glad she's wearing a Star of David that she got in Israel," Ramras said. "I hope she continues to grow as a person."

We also hope that Sarah Palin continues to grow as a person.......


In other news: It appears that Sarah and Bristol Palin will receive their trademarks!

Politico reports:

According to U.S. News & World Report, the women’s applications to trademark their names and images “have cleared a major hurdle and should soon be approved for the potential presidential candidate and her ‘Dancing With the Stars’ child."

The website reported that Friday was the last day to challenge Sarah Palin’s trademark bid. Bristol’s challenge deadline was June 10 and passed without a peep. The women should be trademarked in less than three months.

US News asserts that Sarah Palin's application specifically refers to the use of her name, image and signature in the political arena. In particular the areas of "business and advertising purposes, political elections, entertainment services and for providing motivational speaking services in the field of politics" will now be covered by the Palin trademark.

Sarah Palin now has control of the use of her name, signature and image for such things as merchandising products using her name or image on tee shirts, baseball caps and the usual types of memorabilia that one might find on a campaign trail or at a political rally for instance. Palin will have total control of such products.

Small businesses beware, no one will be allowed to make a profit on the Sarah Palin brand
without Palin ensuring her fair share.

Palin's trademark will also protect Sarah Palin's online presence. The trademark of her online name will prove invaluable for mass fundraising and stating Palin's political positions, especially if she mounts a campaign for the Presidency as SarahPac would not be allowed to continue. Her supporters would need to find her online quickly and without confusion. Trademarking her name should take care of that.

Finally, Bristol Palin has declared that she was on the pill, lost her virginity after a night on the booze and that Levi is a "gnat." Bristol also claims that Levi had confessed that he had "gotten another woman pregnant." A claim that I for one am not convinced of. I also doubt that we can learn much from a twenty year old who relates a story of "deception and disappointment" and seems to have no problem in placing all the blame on the shoulders of a young man who the Palin family had no hesitation in using for their own political purposes. Not Afraid of Life: My Journey so Far is due to be published by William Morrow next week.

Levi Johnston's book, Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs, is due to be released on September 27, 2011 by Touchstone Books. I have ordered my copy.

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