Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New very revealing clip from Nick Broomfield's documentary; Sarah Palin wants America's exceptionalism back, and surprise: Eddie Burke sees the light!

By Patrick

Sarah Palin is back in the news, and now it seems like there are two of them: Sarah and mini-me Bristol. Aren't we lucky! The Queen of Mean now has a Princess of Mean, and she is practicing hard!

However, let's first take a look at a very revealing new clip from Nick Broomfield's upcoming documentary about Sarah Palin. From this excerpt we learn three things: First, Sarah Palin still gets royally pissed off when somebody heckles her or tries to ask an unscripted question, but she apparently learned to keep her composure, unlike at previous events. Second, dissent in Palinland inevitably means that some person in uniform will approach you. Third, hell yeah, Sarah Palin will run for President, you betcha, Americans! Her political future is far from over in her opinion, and ever since she secretly instructed in 2009 the programmer Kurt Robar in Alaska to design all those websites for her, some of which are still to be revealed, she knew very well that she would run.

Now let's move on to mini-me Bristol: She is a fast learner. After somehow implying that Levi raped her (and even her subsequent "denial" was not very convincing), she went on Fox News where she explicitly expressed her "hate" towards Levi, again called him a "gnat" and also revealed that Sarah has already communicated her decision about a presidential run to the family. You don't say, Bristol!

Bristol "cannot say on TV" how much she "hates Levi Johnston." Just wonderful...

Sarah Palin responded to Bristol's comments about Sarah having made her decision, and it didn't really sound like a great denial:

"What we talk about on the fishing boat, stays on the fishing boat."

Sure, Sarah. Whatever. Great denial.

Now, for a little mental health break and reality check: Let's see what some random Americans have to say about Bristol - I really wished we had more of these clips. Sometimes a reality check is badly needed when dealing with ScarahBrystal's combined delusions and lies:

Next it was Sarah's turn to lap up media attention. Sarah Palin was present at the "world premiere" of her propaganda movie which promises to have at least five lies per minute. Afterwards she gave a speech after the screening of the film, which one member of the audience thankfully captured. It's quite a document. America is of course "exceptional", as Sarah says at least a dozen times - although apparently not right now what with this evil President in power, but hey, we can restore it, can't we, and why do I get the impression that Sarah thinks that she is "exceptional" as well? By the way, this clearly is the speech of a woman who will run for President (h/t Tina Dupuy, many thanks):

Here is a new tape of the speech filmed from a different angle, much closer (h/t Older_Wiser).

First part of the other recording of the speech, with much better quality:

The rest of the speech can be found here.

Well, Sarah Palin had better announce before the upcoming "Tea Party Twitter Presidential Debate" if she doesn't want any more candidates stealing her thunder.

Apparently the Tea Party thinks they are exceptional as well:

"We will be releasing the names of the confirmed candidates after the 4th of July holiday to give the few remaining candidates who haven't confirmed time to get acquainted with the platform," added Stockton. "This event is going to be the first of its kind and once again proves that the innovation and creativity of the Tea Party movement is unmatched."

Sure - nobody was ever as creative and innovative as the Tea Party. What was in your tea, folks?

I saved the best news for the end: A miracle has happened. It happened in Alaska. How did it happen? I really don't know, but it did (h/t: punchumgum, many thanks).

On June 26 and June 27, ultra-right wing Alaskan radio talk show host Eddie Burke decided to publicly defend Frank Bailey! He had the following twitter exchange (click to enlarge):

However, he still "likes" Sarah:

And he is certainly not a "reformed character", as he proved just one day later:

So Frank Bailey is telling the truth - says Eddie Burke. In Palinland, dissent means excommunication. But Eddie apparently goes with the flow: Sarah Palin would lose in an election to Obama in Alaska, as a new poll showed. I just hope that Alaskans will finally provide the evidence to end this farce once of for all, the ongoing farce of exceptional Scarah and revengeful Brystal who torture America with populism and platitudes.


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