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Weekly Roundup, June 20-26, 2011

By Blueberry T

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Keith Olbermann: He’s Baaaack!

Keith Olbermann made his return to the broadcast world this week, with his usual passion, sharp wit, criticisms and incisive commentary. He took on Sarah Palin (who won the bronze for “Worst Person” for trademarking herself), along with Reagan, Clarence Thomas, the U.S. role in Libya, McCain and others. Michael Moore was his guest. Kathleen highlighted part of his Special Comment: "This is to be a newscast of contextualisation that is to be presented with a viewpoint that the weakest citizen of this country is more important than the strongest corporation. That the nation is losing its independence through the malfeasance of one political party and the timidity of another, and that even though you and I should not have to be the last line of defense apparently we are so we damm well better start being it."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bristol Palin in her own words: a stoner and slut

Now that the fictionalized rewriting of Bristol Palin’s personal history has hit the bookstores, it is time to take another look at a more raw and unfiltered source of information about her. In her new book, she portrays herself as a righteous girl who had sex while she was too drunk to know what she was doing and was then led astray by the “gnat” Levi Johnston. The reality is that Bristol was and is no innocent. Patrick’s post shows Bristol in her own words: “a stoner” and “a slut” who wrote that her mother thought she was pregnant by another boy in the spring of 2007, when Bristol was just 16 (yet, two years later, Sarah denied knowing that Bristol was sexually active when asked by Barbara Walters: a blatant lie). Patrick adds the messages between Sarah’s aide Rebecca Mansour and her cyber-confidante Toki de la Vega, showing the family’s efforts to break up Bristol’s relationship with Levi. Bristol is definitely screwed up, but hardly innocent.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sarah Palin = SP = Sexual Pathology?

The media has given a complete pass to the ways that Sarah Palin plays the sex card. Some of her behavior is beyond strange and seems to veer into pathology. There are her multiple accusations and insinuations about people wanting to rape or peer in at her daughters. That would be scary and creepy if it happened once and very troubling if it happened twice; but with Palin this has now happened at least five or six times. Who talks about their daughters in this way? These repeated accusations may suggest a mental imbalance or history of abuse or perhaps some manifestation of Münchausen syndrome by proxy (MSbP); they certainly don’t convey a sense of mental health. Adding to that strange behavior is Palin’s frequent use of vulgar language (“limp,” “impotent,” no “cojones,” “vajayjay”) – not the type of language you would expect from a moral Christian woman. Let’s not forget her strangely suggestive tongue gestures and odd come hither behavior and dress. It would be quite interesting to see a full psychological profile of former half-Governor Palin; I imagine that such a workup would confirm the McCain campaign staff’s suspicions that Palin might be mentally unstable. Will the media ask these questions about a woman who wants to be the most powerful person on earth? Don’t hold your breath.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Bristol Palin™ Brand

What is Bristol Palin’s brand? Now that she is trademarking herself – which I for one think is entirely appropriate, as she is merchandise, albeit much used – what are the key characteristics that define her brand? Leadfoot came up with 5 key descriptors that sum Bristol Palin™ nicely: Promiscuous, Immature, Dishonest, Jealous and Insecure. What Bristol Palin™ is really selling: her body and her soul.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review of Bristol’s Book

Do yourself a favor and read this concise summary of Bristol Palin’s ridiculous excuse for a memoir, rather than suffering through the book itself. In an even briefer nutshell: she is a victim; Levi is a ne’er-do-well who took advantage of her and cheated on her repeatedly; she was true to him and tried to reform him but he was a lost cause; the McCains are elitist snobs but she and her family are real Americans; she made mistakes but it was worth it because she has a cute little boy and is getting rich from those mistakes. Older_Wiser2 posted the link to the Christian Science Monitor review: "...less of a cautionary tale and more of a rant."

Some Comments and Links:

Adrian: I cannot imagine the decibel level of screeching that would spew forth from the Moldy Fringe (what used to be known as the Republican Party) if Obama emails surfaced from when he was a senator that conveyed the same petty, adolescent tone as these Palin© emails. It would be nonstop. They would deem him totally unfit for public office, the Republican Party leaders would follow them, and the press would have to start "asking questions" because they're "concerned." There is just no Democratic Party equivalent to the Right Wing Noise Machine.

CaliGirl22: Why would you bring your rapist to go with you and your family at the RNC convention and hold hands to be viewed by the entire world?

AquaRose: This family is not ordinary America. This is not 'just like you.' This is not hard workin' folks who are living and loving life. This is low information, low motivation, lazy, sleazy, white trash, tabloid garbage who uses every angle and trick in the book to gain money and fame, regardless of who they have to step on or destroy. They want to be elite, without working for it.

Texasgal2009: Her girlfriend told her ? Sorry to be graphic, but when you lose your virginity, you don't need anyone to tell you, you definitely feel it, even the next day. She wasn't a virgin on that night. She reminds me of a t-shirt I saw. It said " I'm a virgin" then in small print it said " This is an old t-shirt". Bristol was wearing a very old t-shirt that night.

_wink_ came up with brilliant renditions of the new TMs – B®i$tol and $a®ah – along with this comment: I am so disturbed by B®istol's claim in her book, of sexual assault by Levi…Here is one of the definitions of date rape per the Alaska State Statutes: when someone sexually penetrates you and you are mentally incapable, incapacitated, or unaware the sexual act is being committed.... is a second degree sexual assault defined by statute. So yes, she has undoubtedly accused him of date rape, even if she did not use the term herself. By her words, she was too impaired to give consent, which makes in non-consensual, and meets the definition in the statute.

Sfterrier: What a sad commentary on the state of our society in the early years of the 21st century that the communication industry spends even a nanosecond on Bristol, much less her mother. Having said that I woke up this morning imagining an opera about the Palins and Sarah's rise and fall, much like John Adam's "Nixon in China" Of course the music would be discordant, the libretto impossible to follow and the costumes and wigs---well, what can I say.

Sunnyjane: There's an old saying about teenage males and females that I think applies all too often, and was certainly in play with Bristol and Levi: Girls give sex to get love, and boys give love to get sex. Very sad, but it shows Bristol's desperation to be loved. Instead of learning from that experience, she has flaunted her own immaturity and made herself the victim. Typical Palin behavior.

Caseys Mom started a very funny mini-thread with this: I have come to think of the Palins as a game of Clue.

1. Sarah - Bristol - Todd - Track - Levi
2. Did “it” in the Bedroom - Garage - Anchorage - Pick-up - Tent
3. While using a Hockey Stick - Shotgun - Wine Cooler - Pregnancy Test Strip - Blackberry
4. While they were Drunk - Stoned - Unconscious - Enraptured - All-of-the-Above

Cacklingrad (from an excellent longer comment): It is absolutely appalling the way everything that comes out of these women's mouths is taken as the truth; they set the groundwork for the conversation, and no one bothers to look and see if the foundation of that conversation is simply a pack of lies.

BanditBasheert reposted a comment from Malia Litman’s blog by “Thomas” – I am reposting because it is so apropos: my civilian career was in children and family protective services. I worked in Foster Care, Juvenile Justice, Adoptions, Child Protective Investigations as an Investigator (CPI) and Supervisor (CPIS). I trained, worked and was certified in that field. I was an expert witness in MA and FL. I specialized in sexual abuse cases. I am retired but I am proud of my work over the years in the field of children and family protective services.I say this not to brag but to demonstrate that I know what I am talking about when it comes to red flags regarding family dysfunction, family dynamics and the behaviors of family members. The Palin/Heaths have red flags all over the place. It would not be a surprise if sexual abuse has occurred in those extended families, and I mean in more than this generation. Sarah Palin is a highly seductive and sexualized person. She relied on that all of her teen/adult life. We know this from the written and verbal history of the extended families. Sarah’s mother is an unassuming, subservient and quiet person. Sarah identified with her father and is her pride and joy. Sarah has, throughout her public life, used sexualized words, projection of sexualized motives and sexual accusations against her perceived enemies. She is an emasculating and vindictive, mean and little person. and sex is always present. I believe where there is smoke there is fire with regard to Todd Palin and his sexual adventures.Bristol is her mother’s apprentice, well on her way to becoming a snide, vacuous, ignorant and careless person, going through life causing harm and leaving bedlam wherever she goes. She wants to “give the finger,” her words not mine, to those who do not think she is fabulous. I would assert there is reason to conduct an investigation into what has been going on in those two families over the years that has caused the family members to be so strangely enmeshed and so needful of lying and manipulating everyone…

Laprofesora: OMG, it just hit me: of course Scarah wrote the garbage in Brystil's book about wine coolers in the tent, because that's what everyone was drinking when Scarah was 15 and sneaking around! No teenagers drink wine coolers anymore!

Older_Wiser2 with h/t to Marieke02: She simply crumbles under direct scrutiny.

Azure Ghost: Sarah PalinQuitter has brought politics into the gutter, where she is obviously very much at home. [Later] Piper's book could be called "Going Rogue II: The Phantom Pregnancy."

NightEditor1: Caution: Blackouts may lead to White-outs.

In honor of B®i$tol, many ‘Gaters reminisced about their favorite youthful “libations” – Boones Farm, Spañada, Bali Hai, Mad Dog 20/20, Southern Comfort, Blue Nun, Red Ripple, Cold Duck, Thunderbird, Night Train, Tickle Pink, Mateus Rose… Picking up on what cheeriogirl said, I’ll bet there was a lot of “praying to the porcelain God”!

Bluerinse and others quoted Bill Maher: “the shit doesn’t fall far from the bat.”

Maelewis: The one that I feel sorry for is Tripp, who should not have a mother and grandparents who make a public display out of trashing his father. Bristol is also exploiting Tripp, who deserves better. We should also feel sorry for Trig and hope that he is getting therapy and affection.

Hope for America linked to the Miami Herald’s attempt at introspection regarding Palin coverage and to Matt Taibbi’s BRILLIANT Rolling Stone piece on Michele Bachmann.

Several readers linked to an excellent article by Andrew Halcro.

Older_Wiser2 posted this article from The Guardian on Michele Bachmann.

DebinWI found this in the National Enquirer on the hypocrisy of Palin calling for abstinence before marriage when she, her mother and her daughter were all pregnant before marriage.

This is a fantastic, funny video from thepoliticalcarnival, with H/T to BanditBasheert:

Juicyfruityy linked to a great letter from Kim Chatman at politicususa:

Sunnyjane found this on thespoof about Palin’s prosperity plan.

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