Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sarah Palin -- A Trump Palin Ticket? That Sounds Exciting.

By Kathleen

Dear mainstream media, please stop asking Palin whether or not she is running. The question is getting old and she is not going to tell you one way or the other because then the game would be over and the media could get back to considering real issues.

Issues that matter, such as the fact that Fukushimya is still spewing radiation or that the chemicals sprayed in the Gulf in order to disperse the oil from last year's disastrous oil spill are proving to have caused more damage to the eco system and residents health than the oil ever would have done.

However, rather than informing viewers and readers about such real concerns, in a scene resembling the Whacky Races, media convoys instead chase Sarah Palin's gas guzzling, emission spewing RV up and down the Schuylkill Expressway as she and her family continue their on the road, magical history bus tour.

The tour ultimately ends the day with the familiar sights, sounds and smells of Marriott Hotels and pizza parlors all paid for and sanctioned by the FEC through donations to SarahPac as she has not declared that she is a candidate for anything. Yet!

Donald Trump and Sarah got together as "friends" and he would love for Sarah to run. Sarah, when questioned thinks that a Trump Palin ticket sounds exciting. Just think about what they together could achieve for the economy and international relations..........

Jon Stewart believes that Sarah Palin's tour "really does seem like a political campaign" and is puzzled by the fact that Sarah Palin still has her job as a Fox news analyst when other people such as Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum "lost their jobs." Samantha explains that the same rules do not apply to Sarah.

Today, Roger Simon at Politico reveals that he was attacked by both blogs and the mainstream media for suggesting in a column that he wrote in June, 2010 that “Sarah Palin can be the Republican nominee in 2012. I am not saying she will be, but she can be. Those who underestimate her do so at their own risk.” He still believes that Palin has been underestimated and that Palin's name recognition and strong stance on government spending and power can win her the GOP nomination. I believe that there is another route that Palin could take. That of the third party.

In case there is any doubt Palin confirmed earlier to Greta Van Susteren that she is part of the private incorporated company, Safari Inc., that purchased the mansion in Arizona. In an interview with KPHO, Jaime Molera, one of Arizona's leading political analysts, thinks that the mansion will act as a base for Palin's political ambitions and that she has not purchased the property because she wants some extra sunshine as she claims. He points out that Arizona has many more electoral votes than Alaska, that it votes early in the primaries and that these factors could prove useful to her if Palin decides to run for President.

“Arizona gives her a good base if she decides that because it’s a growing state. The GOP primaries of the West are important and I think this gives her a good platform to run on.”

“She doesn’t have to travel all the way up to Alaska where there are hardly any electoral votes. Arizona is going to have 11 or 12 electoral votes, and because it’s a growing state and has one of the early primaries, it gives her a good base to talk about not just Arizona issues, but Western issues and things that might resonate with the GOP voters,” said Molera.

I think that Molera makes some significant observations and understands the real reasons behind Palin's move to Arizona, and they have absolutely nothing to do with tanning and chilling.

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