Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mental Health Break - Having lots and lots of fun with Sarah Palin

By Patrick

Sarah Palin missed her calling, she should have become a comedian. I have never seen a better parody of a politician. It's time to celebrate this unrefudiable fact with a little fun post!

Let's start with Jon Stewart and the Daily Show - due to the latest events, Sarah "Queen Esther" Palin again is firmly in his cross hairs! Hurray! Sarah receives the Stewart treatment, and it has rarely been more deserved. In case you haven't seen it, note what the "gotcha" question was that poor Sarah complained about!

John Oliver was also on the case - and takes a good look at Sarah Palin's bus!

Did you know what Sarah publicizes...?

What else was there? Oh, Conan had a lot of fun with Sarah's interview with Chris Wallace as well and published his own version:

This was a mash up. of course. In case your day wasn't painful enough already, you can also watch the full interview here:

Part 2 (Sarah refuses to acknowledge Paul Revere gaffe - watch from 1:01)



Ladies and gentleman, despite the fact that Jon Stewart was already brilliant, here comes Stephen Colbert, who absolutely outdoes himself with his recreation of Paul Revere's ride - a must-see (click for video)!


Finally, I present a clip which is supposed to be dead serious - but is in fact dead funny. A new excerpt from Sarah Palin's new film "Triumph of the Grifter" (copyright of the phrase: Jim Newell from Gawker). Did you know that Sarah Palin was an ENORMOUSLY powerful CEO, basically the Queen of the CEO's? Well, in case you didn't know yet, then you are lucky: There are quite a number of dead serious people who are very, very eager to tell you!

Lastly, a sweet surprise:

Yesterday in the comments I mentioned a film review by Kyle Smith, published in the conservative, Murdoch-owned "New York Post." Kyle Smith slammed "The Undefeated" with a vengeance.

To use one of RAM's favorite old phrases: It's vintage. Enjoy:
If you're hopeful (or worried) that this movie is the secret trigger for a Palin relaunch, don't be. Even if you fixed the blaring soundtrack and took out all the symbols of the cataclysmic evil opposing Palin (barking dogs, disaster footage, a closeup of Rosie ODonnell), you'd still be left with a hopeless sputtering jumble.
The busted logic and narrative chop of The Undefeated dont suggest the phrase, spirited new defense of Palin. They say, cyclone landed here.
News clips of Palins tenure in Alaska as mayor of Wasilla, chair of the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and governor are narrated solely by friends and allies. They keep telling us that she (a) adhered strictly to small-government, free-market conservative principles yet (b) used the full power of government to make peoples lives more splendid. For instance, Palin is said to be cutting both taxes and spending in Wasilla. Fine. A minute later she is credited with unleashing an economic boom there by laying water and sewer lines and building roads that attracted national retailers. So which is it? Expansionist, or minimalist? Was she Wasilla's FDR or Calvin Coolidge?
Similarly, as we learn about Alaskas Survivalist Socialism all the precious fuel in the ground belongs to the state; oil companies can only lease drilling rights Palin is portrayed both as a free marketer and an antagonist of same who took on Big Oil by working with the Democrats to raise oil taxes.
In one scene, were told she didnt care about polls; in the next, shes bragging about her approval rating (88%). She says she doesnt put much stock in such surveys yet I figured my administration must be doing something right. So does her recent approval rating of 28% tell her that she must be doing something wrong?

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