Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sarah Does Dallas: 48 Hours in April

by Leadfoot_LA

Much has been written over the past few days about clues found in Sarah Palin’s emails to support the fact that she did not give birth to her son Trig. It has been pointed out that when the "Letter from God" Sarah wrote was printed in Going Rogue, the line about God “rushing” her pregnancy was excluded (we now see it is included in the email version.) Joe McGinniss covers it masterfully here. Others have commented on how the emails show no evidence of any prenatal care appointments.

We’ve also noticed that Sarah doesn't mention anything about coming home from Dallas early on April 17th, she just says that she's on her way home. Todd says her speech "kicked ass." Her schedule is discussed obsessively in the emails, and every minute of each day is carefully tracked by her staff. The lack of emails notifying them of a change on the 17th make it perfectly clear that she had no choice but to sneak into town and accept Trig under cover of darkness. This is a woman who obsessively craves attention and makes every event all about her. It would be pretty common for any woman in labor to tell her staff that she has headed to a hospital. But Sarah, our lady of perpetual victimhood?! She definitely would have told everyone under the sun that her blessed gift from God was making his way into the world early. The fact that she didn't send one email from her ever-present Blackberries to notify them means that she was hiding something.

Consider if she had given her staff advance notice. It is clear from the emails that they worshiped her, even “love” her. They most certainly would have showed up in the hospital waiting room with flowers and balloons. The media may even have gotten wind of it. She couldn't have that because she wasn’t IN the delivery room – she was simply there to pick up Trig. Sarah’s only option was to have her friends and staff find out after the "birth."

Nobody waited for Trig.

Now we need to examine what happened from that point on. Once Sarah had arrived in Wasilla, after the Reckless Ride, you’d think she would at least try to act like a woman who had just given birth, right? You would be wrong. Last night our own AKRNC left this brilliant comment:

“According to Sarah's timetable, she's a friggin' superwoman. April 17 @ 1:30 a.m. Alaska time, she's awake w/leaking amniotic fluid, stays awake all day giving her speech, then takes two flights while having "contractions" and arriving in Anchorage to give birth 7 hours later on April 18 @ 6:30 A.M. Feeling all wide awake and ready to go to work, she's sending emails only 3 hours later. She would have gone approximately 32 hours without anything but short naps, including going through induced labor via Pitocin I.V. and she's not tired??? Bullshit, Sarah, those e-mails tell me you didn't give birth. I've spoken to many women in their 40's and they all say the same thing. The older you get, it's much more difficult to be pregnant, you become tired much more easily and labor is more difficult at 40 than it is at 30 or 20. Is there anything this woman doesn't lie about???? Anything?...

I don't think there's a woman alive who hasn't just curled up and wanted to go to sleep after being in labor for hours and being awake for more than 30 hours straight as Palin depicts herself with the emails being sent a few hours after Trig's "birth." There are so many smoking guns in this story of hers that they end up being a smoking cannon going off to warn everyone that she's lying, as usual.”

I’d like to add that this is a woman who hated her job! She took every possible opportunity to AVOID doing her job. The legislature took to wearing “Where’s Sarah?” buttons. But we are to believe that she so desperately wanted to get back to work immediately after giving birth that she started sending mundane emails about topics of little importance within hours?! Are we to believe that she did not take ONE DAY off of work, from this job she hated so much?

(Not to mention that Blackberry use is strongly frowned upon, if not prohibited, in hospitals.)

Also absent in the emails is an inter-office announcement of Trig’s arrival. Any time anyone gives birth at my office, an email goes out that says something like: "just wanted to let you all know that Sarah gave birth early this morning to a healthy baby boy. Both mother and baby are resting and doing well. Sarah will return to work in about 6 weeks, so if you need anything during her absence, please see me instead. I will be covering her duties while she is out."

But in Sarah's case, nobody did have to cover her job duties at all. She didn’t miss one day of work. Not. One. Day. (That’s for you, Julia O’Malley.)

On Monday April 21, journalist Lisa Demer has some questions for Lieutenant Governor Parnell. He asks Sarah if it is ok if he admits he was only asked to step in for one event (see p. 10) on Sunday April 20. Sarah responds to Parnell and gives her blessing on the email (see p. 20). So here we have it in writing that Parnell was not ever told he would have to take over Sarah’s duties while she was on maternity leave, and in fact only covered one event for her two days after Trig’s “birth.” Sarah was back in the office on Monday, with her premature baby in tow. According to Sarah in Going Rogue, he had jaundice and a hole in his heart, but was able to make the 1-hour drive (each way) to Anchorage to visit with his mother’s co-workers.

Now why would a woman who hated her job not take ANY maternity leave? Well the emails also make it very clear that Sarah was beyond concerned about how the record reflected the days immediately surrounding Trig’s birth:

On Monday, August 2, Palin asks Janice Mason:

“How is it reflected in my TAs the couple of days I was “off duty” when I had Trig? April 18, the day he was born, I signed a bill into law and conducted a few State actions while in the hospital (and that should be recorded for the record)…but are there a couple of days in there that show I wasn’t in the Anchorage office? I didn’t see any…”

Which made me wonder, what happened on August 2 to spur this request? The answer was easy to find. Guess what was in the local paper that day:

On that exact same day, Sarah likely found out that she was indeed McCain’s choice for VP. Coincidence? Come on now – you all know that Sarah does not believe in coincidences.

And like the writing on her hand, Sarah will not drop it. She asks again on August 6:

“Did april ta's look complete? What did find around Trig's birth date?”

She was clearly afraid of something. Perhaps the record reflecting she took maternity leave for a baby she didn’t have, which would be fraud. Or perhaps she was worried that the record did not show enough time off duty for a woman who had supposedly had a baby. Either way, the McCain camp was asking questions, she was worried, and was covering her tracks.

Sarah should still be worried. Because we won’t drop it either. We will be here until the truth is exposed for all to see. Sarah Palin did not give birth to Trig.

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