Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sarah Palin and the Compliant Media at the Hyatt Hotel - A Tale of Two Videos, One of Them Re-Created. Also: Palin Still Believes She Can Beat Obama

By Kathleen

A very observant reader has alerted us to the fact that the mainstream media may have actually colluded with Sarah Palin to recreate the scene in which Piper is being persuaded to apologise to reporters for "acting up" the day before.

The first video, which was posted on My Fox, New York,
shows Piper walking out, flowers in hand and frowning as her mom shakes everyone's hands and heads towards the waiting reporters. This video was taken before Sarah Palin was to visit Ellis Island. Clearly Palin wasn't happy with the sullen Piper:

A second new video has now emerged on the right scoop. This video was taken after they returned from Ellis Island, and it virtually recreates the scene shown in the My Fox video above. In this second video as Sarah and Piper walk through the hotel doors Piper holds a water bottle and Sarah holds the flowers, which appear to be exactly the same. The video reveals a happy and engaging Piper, acting funny and generally enjoying her interaction with reporters -- Palin smiles benevolently and smugly in the background as Piper apologises to the reporters. Part 2 is a charming success. Piper making nice to the reporters being part of her initial apology:

I am not sure which reporters were waiting for Sarah Palin at the Hyatt Hotel. Any of them? All of them? But one thing is for sure the media appears to be quite happy when it comes to co-operating with Sarah on this fake vacation tour. If Sarah isn't happy with "Piper apologises take one" then the media is more than happy to play along and recreate the scene that Sarah has played out in her mind. This is manipulation pure and simple and the mainstream media seem quite happy to play the ahhhhhhhh factor.


My advice to Sarah.

Do not try to manipulate your daughter into playing nice with the reporters. You can promise her the earth, give it to her and she will still act exactly as she wishes when she sees them. After all, you have spent years telling everyone and anyone who would listen that the mainstream media are evil and have been attacking your family. I'm quite sure that Piper was listening then and is likely confused by your sudden smile and be nice attitude. Ten year old kids do not continually do hypocrisy, Sarah. They soon retreat to their normal behaviour.


Sarah Palin remains as arrogant and clueless as ever. The following video has her admitting that she thinks that she can beat Obama if she runs. She answers in response to the reporter's question "To put it concisely, yes." That any republican could beat him.


Jon Stewart's hilarious Daily Show clip about the Trump/Palin "pizza summit":


Piper is useful in many ways - for example when Sarah wants to sign autographs. Why not use Piper's back?


Sarah Palin slams Mitt Romney:

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