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Sarah Palin after first part of "Rolling Blunder" tour: "Regroup" in Arizona, and then we will "get back on the trail" - PLUS: The "tour lies"

By Patrick

I have to say that it felt very good for a couple of days to see Sarah Palin again revealed as the big running joke she really is, after her epic Paul Revere blunder. Palin was ridiculed all over the interwebs, and her remarks instantly inspired the hilarious #PalinHistory hashtag on twitter, with new tweets virtually every minute (see the new special Sarah Palin twitter tracker for #PalinHistory at the bottom of the sidebar). Once you catch Sarah Palin unscripted, disasters are bound to happen. It's a scientific fact.

However, despite of all this fun, it should not be forgotten that the USA is entering into very, very difficult times. Under normal circumstances, Sarah Palin would just be a joke. But times are bad. US unemployment remains at very, very high level, and there are no signs yet for a real recovery, which will bring President Obama under huge pressure:

US unemployment rate, January 2006 to June 2011

In addition, the US federal debt is gigantic (click for more details). These developments are not President Obama's fault, but he will receive all the blame in the upcoming campaign, with Sarah Palin at the forefront as the most ruthless (and ignorant) demagogue. The US federal debt exploded because George W. Bush wanted to have his war in Iraq and wanted to have his tax cuts, but do voters really care too much about facts? Many of them certainly do not. They only want to see quick and easy solutions.

The political showdown about "the USA defaulting" is going to take place very soon, and the world can just pray that there will be an agreement between the political opponents.

In these difficult times, many voters will desperately look for a saviour - this is understandable on the one hand, but can on the other hand also lead to completely erratic decisions about who to vote for. Sarah Palin positions herself as the hardliner, the woman who will be strong and firm and will reverse all the bad developments, and who will "restore America", as she calls it.

Many voters will believe it, because they want to believe it, and they will ignore everything which could contradict an idolised picture of Queen Sarah. They will even ignore her ongoing blunders, which prove over and over again that she has the intellectual capacity of a little child. Another example of "Palin History" were for example her recent remarks about the Soviet space program, which Ann Talnaes, cartoonist at the Washington post, turned into a little funny clip.

Which brings me to the debt ceiling. I think that raising it is a classic opportunity for the GOP and fiscally conservative Democrats to insist on more seriousness on deficit and debt reduction. I hope they do. But I do not believe it should be used as a piece of blackmail at the expense of the American and the global economy. In fact, this may be the riskiest un-conservative posture the GOP has yet advanced. Palin, who is the id of the GOP, addressed the question yesterday:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin weighed in on the debt ceiling debate Thursday night following a private clam bake in Seabrook, N.H., saying the nation’s borrowing ceiling should not be raised. It would be “a failure of leadership in the House” if “they were to cave and the debt ceiling were to be increased based on what I believe are Timothy Geithner’s false statements to the American people that a catastrophe would befall us all if the debt ceiling isn’t raised.” She told reporters outside the small beach house at which she had organized the party that increasing the debt ceiling is “just going to allow the big spenders to have an additional tool to spend more money.”

Remember: the spending has already been passed. This is not about changing spending in the near future. It's simply about paying our debts on time. The minute that the US is regarded as being unreliable on this core piece of governing competence, the world markets will experience shock waves in the midst of a still very fragile, post-bubble recovery.

None of this matters to Palin. Because for her, radicalism is so much easier than responsibility. In fact, the reason I am focused on Palin is because she represents, to my mind, the core of today's "conservative" movement: a desire to smash existing institutions and to "fundamentally restore" the American status quo before the Great Society, and even, the New Deal.

They are playing with sharks. But one of these days, it will no longer be play.

Sarah Palin also has no hesitation in intimidating the GOP with the scare of a third party, as she again did yesterday in an interview on Fox News with Sean Hannity:

The interview with Hannity was shown in three parts:

So what are Sarah Palin's plans now?

CNN assumed that the would fly back to Alaska (if anyone can find a quote by Sarah Palin regarding this fact, please put it in the comments). However, it turns out that Sarah Palin didn't head to back to Wasilla at all, but to her new, formerly secret mansion in the desert in Scottsdale, Arizona. A crew of the local ABC News station met her by coincidence at Phoenix airport and was able to conduct a very revealing short interview with her:

So she wants to "regroup" in Arizona, and then "get back on the trail." No Alaska for Sarah, it seems - and where is Todd, and the rest of the family? Where is Trig? He appears to be non-existent. Piper's unhappiness has been documented over and over again during the trip, also in this clip.

I love it how Sarah Palin gets slighty angry when the reporter asks her about the Arizona Senate seat. No, she doesn't like unscripted questions, never has.

Speaking about Sarah Palin's lies: Sarah Palin told a good amount of lies during the short first instalment of her bus tour. Politifact today published a "special report" about statements which Sarah Palin made during the bus tour, and examined three statements. Rulings: 1x "Pants on Fire", 1x "False", 1x "Barely True." We would expect nothing less from Sarah Palin, the liar-in-chief.

I was happy to see that the Washington Post also did their own fact check on Sarah Palin's statements during the tour - their result: An impressive "four Pinocchios" - which is their highest rating. I guess we have a winner!

Both Politifact and the Washington Post even missed another huge and already debunked lie which we highlighted in a previous post - that Alaska provides 20% of the US energy supply (meant to prove Sarah Palin's competence on energy issues...).

Also, Sarah Palin claimed that the ethics complaints against her were "going to bankrupt Alaska", as a justification for her to step down. It's just far too easy to debunk this ridiculous lie as well.

The trainwreck will continue. I look forward to many more unscripted moments, but we all feel incredibly sorry for poor Piper. She is the latest victim of Sarah Palin's immense ambitions.



As a sort of "preview" of the ugliness which we are about to see during the next 12-18 months, the "black conservative" and tea party hero Lloyd Marcus just published a facebook post which he apparently considers to be "rousing." Under the headline "Gunfight At DC Corral: Palin vs Obama." he proves that he has learned a lot from his hero Sarah Palin as far as ugly imagery is concerned - excerpt:

Nothing frustrates me more than GOP candidates walking on eggs cautious not to offend or anger the despicable, lying, agenda driven and evil liberal media. Why should we show respect for characterless people who are committed to lying and putting a negative spin on everything we say and do? The liberal media's mission is to politically “kill” the tea party. Get it?

Sarah Palin gets it. Palin does not give a rat's behind about what the liberal media thinks of her.

On numerous occasions, without the slightest hint of reservation or FEAR, Palin has attacked Obama “the man”; his lies, his anti-American associations, his socialist agenda, his assault on our freedom, liberty and culture and his horrific record, thus far. Thank You Sarah Palin! God bless you!

I realize I sound like a broken record, but I can not express the following point strongly enough. To beat Obama and “his media” in 2012, our candidate MUST embrace Palin's aggressive fearless battle plan.

It has been said, only a fool brings a knife to a gunfight. Without restraint or mercy, Obama, the democrats and Obama's liberal media gang will show up at the 2012 DC fight for the White House with mega guns firing at the tea party and the republican presidential candidate.

Any republican presidential candidate who is timid due to the historical context of Obama's presidency saying, “God bless Obama's heart. He meant well, but his policies have failed” is like entering this crucial battle for our country with a butter knife. Such a restrained effort would insure political death to our side and the end of America as we know it.

Patriots, we need a fearless political gunslinging hero. And so far, our heroic pistol packin' mama is Sarah Palin.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Wow, Sarah the pistol! Don't forget to bring the guns. Oh, yeah, figuratively! Figuratively!

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