Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekly Roundup, May 30-June 5, 2011

by Blueberry T

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bus Tour Hoopla, Day 3

I don’t know what to say about the Straitjacket Express (H/T Azure Ghost) that has not already been said. The absurdity of the media running after Palin all week is beyond all belief. She certainly knows how to play them. It is a publicity stunt and a joke, and that’s how it should have been treated from the onset (as, of a disease). Let’s hear what Jon Stewart has to say about “Driving Miss Crazy.” (More here.) Here are Stephen Colbert’s and Cenk Uygur’s takes on same.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Trump-Palin Ticket: You’re Fired/I Quit

The Whacky Races is an apt metaphor for what we are witnessing this week, as the MSM chases Sarah’s bus around the northeast. If we just change Penelope Pitstop to Sarah Pitbull, it’ll be just about right... And there are The Donald and the Quitter Queen, sucking all the oxygen out of the Republican Party. It is a circus, fodder for pretty much every comedian on the face of the earth.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Takes 1 & 2 on Piper Palin (yes, the 10 year old) and the Media

Who shoves their 10-year old child in front of a media microphone, all the while complaining that her family should be off-limits? Why yes, yes, it IS Sarah Palin who does this. Kathleen’s post also shows that the whole smarmy scene of Piper’s “apology” was staged – not just once, but twice – to allow Palin’s fake charm to ooze and to show Piper in a better light than as the bratty, bored little kid that we have seen repeatedly scowling and pushing reporters twice. Piper’s ill-temper is not surprising, given all that she has undoubtedly heard her mother say about the “lamestream media” and that she might have expected to be on a fun and relaxing vacation, not a continuous publicity stunt. In the end, she didn’t apologize, but made nice with the reporters who played along with the charade. Oh, BTW, Sarah says she can beat Obama and slams Romney, on her non-political family vacation.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Palin in Boston

Palin blew into Massachusetts like a tornado. In fact, there WERE tornados across the state at the same time, which is rare here – making it seem all the more believable that the Wicked Witch of the West was on her way ;-). Her presence and pretense was well documented, so we could see for ourselves that this is nothing more than a celebrity publicity stunt. She toured several historic sites for minutes each, and later made some ridiculous stuff up about the beginning of the Revolutionary War, including the famous ride of Paul Revere (and William Dawes, Samuel Prescott and others). Later her ‘Bots tried to edit Wikipedia’s page on Paul Revere’s ride…literally trying to rewrite history.

It was hard to miss the fact that her trip to New Hampshire later Thursday was well-timed to upstage Mitt Romney’s announcement of his candidacy. Even former Palin fans like Elisabeth Hasselbeck can see that she’s a real crass act.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Rolling Blunder Tour

That is the perfect name for Palin’s crazy tour! As Patrick says, “Once you catch Sarah Palin unscripted, disasters are bound to happen. It's a scientific fact.” But of course she lies and denies, and in tough economic times, people may be looking for someone like her, who spews empty and erroneous platitudes that promise to “take America back” – to what is left to one’s imagination. On the good news side, PolitiFact and the Washington Post both called out her lies – even though they missed several glaring ones. On the bad news side, we see more incitement to violence from her followers. I guess the carnage in Tucson was not enough to instill any sense of shame or decency in those who adore Sarah Palin.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Who Was In on the Hoax?

Ennealogic poses an interesting question – who are the people who are most likely to have been in on the babygate hoax? It turns out to be a very small number of her closest family members and confidants. The idea that this small group would have been able to keep things on the QT is quite plausible, especially given the serious damage that would ensue to the “Palin brand” and the cash cow, to say nothing of the reputations of people like Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, if the hoax were exposed. Brad S and others suggested interesting addenda to the core list.

Some Comments and Links:

Sick of Sarah: MSM is attracted to Sarah... like flies are attracted to fresh cow patties

Emily Peacock: This cat-and-mouse game can only last so long. People may give up on waiting for hours for someone who may or may not show up. They may begin to quit on the Quitter.

Bluerinse gave us this limerick:

Hard work and no money made her bitter,
so lying Sarah became a Quitter.
Everyday’s a new drama,
she’s still pissed by Obama,
“Why doesn’t he follow me on twitter?”

Moongal6: The reason she brings Piper when she appears in public is she knows no one will confront her with a child present. She has used Piper and Trig as her public body guards for a long time. It's tried and true and it works for her. What a coward.

FreeTrig had an interesting idea: Whaddya think about starting our OWN PAC?

Psalm023: What the media have to realize is that they may be dealing with a mentally disturbed woman. She seems to be enjoying this GAME, and in the process, involves her family, her own kids in this sick game. What is so shameful is that the media treat her as though she's rational and sane; that her professional advisers are carefully planning this bus tour with a clear agenda. NOT! … Of all the issues and needs the country has to deal with now, her main focus is on her vendetta with the media…

Dusty17: The woman can't dress herself. Of course she can't handle a crisis.

Laprofesora: Let's hope this bus trip turns out to be her farewell tour.

Silver_desert (on Sarah’s relationship with her kids): It's a control issue of the worst kind and Sarah will use it on all her kids as long as she's alive. I hope they can break free from her so they can discover who they really are and find happiness without allowing her to try to suck it from them. Minimum contact helps.

HighPeaks: In the last few days, I think we've been witnessing the complete paparazzification of what used to be American journalism. How very, very sad.

Lilybart: Great Tweet calling her state emails.....WackyLeaks!

Maelewis: Piper will continue to fold her arms, give the finger, push back and act out because we have seen this behavior before. Sarah doesn't correct the problem. She corrects the video, take two. Later: Sarah still cannot explain Paul Revere's ride any better than she could explain her own wild ride.

Older_Wiser2: Quitler loves the limelight far more than she loves anyone in her family.

TruGal pointed out this Vanity Fair piece, which sums up the bus tour pretty well.

HopeforAmerica linked to crooksandliars on George Will’s remark that Sarah Palin cannot be trusted with the nuclear codes.

Here is a very good piece from TruthOut on Blind Allegiance; sorry I lost track of who first posted the link.

Honestyingov linked to ADN on the release of Sarah’s emails, and asks a good question: what was she trying to hide by using a yahoo account for state business?

Another gem from Stephen Colbert, this on the FEC and PACs.

from Guest, a good chuckle here and here.

ProChoiceGrandma found this new ad by the DNC on Sarah coopting Mitt in NH. Priceless!

And here is a longer piece on MSNBC with Cenk Uygur on the same topic (HT to maelewis and Guest).

The new #Palinhistory and #Palingotchaquestions hashtags have inspired MANY brilliant tweets! Too many for here ;-)

The Last Word: Palin said, “He who warned uh, the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, uh by ringing those bells, and um, makin’ sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be sure and we were going to be free, and we were going to be armed.”

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