Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekly Roundup, June 13-19, 2011

by Blueberry T

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sarah’s Rude and Vulgar Comments about Jay Ramras

Okay, let’s start with the basics: these are the heavily redacted emails that were left after all the emails that were incriminating or unflattering to Sarah were removed. These are the ones that show her in a good light, right? Okay, with that rigged starting point, Patrick’s post points out the nasty, anti-Semitic and derogatory undertones of Sarah’s posts about Jay Ramras. Insulting, mean girl language from the woman who thinks she should be the most powerful person in the world. What’s with yet another unsubstantiated insinuation that someone who criticizes her is a sexual predator? The American people deserve a full psychological workup of this woman – her hostility is palpable and she obviously has some serious mental pathology.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sarah Does Dallas: 48 Hours in April

Piecing together additional information from Sarah Palin’s emails, Leadfoot takes a fresh look at those two days in April of 2008 that form the heart of “Babygate.” No prenatal appointments. No mention of the onset of labor, leaking amniotic fluid, big contractions or how desperately she worried about the well-being of this precious child. No mention that that they were returning early from the conference, nor that they were going to Mat-Su to give birth. No notification of staff that Trig had arrived. No, they could not let the staff know, because then there would be a welcoming committee at the hospital – just what they did NOT want. Instead, they kept everyone, including Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, totally in the dark. Later, Palin showed an inordinate amount of concern about the travel authorizations for those dates, and seemed to be trying to cover her tracks. Dating myself, here’s some music that seems just right to go along with Leadfoot_LA’s post.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Closer Look at the "Wronged" Right

Patrick takes a closer look at Sarah Palin™’s political base. Alexandra Pelosi made a film of the McCain-Palin followers during the 2008 campaign. It is a portrait of Palin’s base, in their own words:

“We’re the backbone of this country…He talks like he knows us; he doesn’t know us.”

“I hope there’s enough Christians in this world to save us.”

[On a T-shirt]: “Sarah Palin – There is a God”

“…the fate of Western Civilization is on the line.”

“It’s a culture war…[they portray us as] a bunch of hicks, a bunch of idiots.”

[Palin is] “…one of the folks…one of us.”

[On a T-shirt] “Say no to Socilism (sic)” [When asked what socialism is, he tried to look it up on the Blackberry, then said]: “…it’s like the views of Hitler…between communism and another view but I don’t know exactly what that is…”

“…they want to take the money from the hard-working man and give it to somebody who only works two days a week.”

“Obama wants to fundamentally change this country. I don’t want to change this country…It’s the greatest country on earth.”

“a redneck is a working middle-class American.”

[Q: “Are you ready for a black President”?] “No.”

“…Immigrants got all the rights and we got nothin’…This used to be a helluva good country.”

[Q: What do you think of Barack Obama?] “I’m not too partial to blacks.”

“…Wrong color… We’re not ready…

“I’m gonna vote for the white man…I ain’t votin’ for no nigger.”

“I’m a Christian. I’m not really sure what he is.”

“He may not be a full-blooded American person…We don’t want terrorists to get in our government system…I believe he’s involved with Bin Laden and all those terrorists overseas. I don’t trust the man; I never will.”

“Barack Obama is a terrorist. Obama, Osama, the same thing.”

“When they swear him in, he’s gonna have his hand on the Quran and he’s gonna take off his mask, he’s gonna be Osama Bin Laden. That’s who he is.”

“Obama would not salute the flag – that is a fact.”

[Re the lapel pin] “The pin – what a moron.”

“I do think we’re at war…right here, with each other.”

“This country will go down…so fast…this is bad times right now.”

“Hitler spoke so eloquently…people needed something because they were downtrodden. They needed something…this is how someone gets into power…very scary…this is bad times right now…be careful.”

“I look into his eyes and I see evil… I think he hates all people. I think he wants to destroy this earth.”

[There were several references to Obama, 666 and the Anti-Christ.]

“It’s just unfathomable to me what’s going to happen to this country if this man is elected.”

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ramras Responds, and Sarah Palin™ is (almost) official

PoliticalGates first reported on Sarah Palin™’s vulgar and nasty comments about Alaska State Representative Jay Ramras. Patrick’s post apparently found its way to Ramras, who has responded to Miss Nasty™ by saying what all of us know to be true – she never outgrew her middle school mean girl persona. Fine, except for the fact that this was the Governor who also as it happens aspires to be the most powerful person in the world. (I shudder as I type that.) Ramras apparently holds out some hope for her future personal growth; good luck with that. Patrick also reports that Sarah Palin™ and Bristol Palin™ will soon be approved. I love it! I can’t wait for people across this country to be reminded every time they see the name Palin™ that the Palins are in this for the money and are literally merchandising their names. How Twilight-Zoney. I hope that this will help most Americans see Palin for what she is: a narcissistic grifter, trying to cash in. And Bristol™, honey, who the hell cares? You are a gnat.

Some comments and links:

Cackling Rad: Two things strike me in reading these emails: One, she lied to her own staff constantly, manipulating them and playing them. So much of what she said was for effect… Two, her staff were in love with her. Literally. And she knew it and used it--and them. Some very, very sick relationships are on display here… We also see what a mean, vindictive, potty-mouthed, immature, incompetent bitch she is, but we already knew that.

Ivyfree: Honestly. What IS it with her and sex and her daughters? She keeps bringing up sex in relation to them. Is she some kind of pervert?

Comeonpeople2: This is a very good post, thanks Patrick. You demonstrate, ONCE AGAIN that Palin is stuck at a pre adolescent developmental stage. She's not fit to run a PTA, let alone a city, state or nation. I'm liking and using Lidia's "tell tale heart" remark. She has been sexually abused in the past and needs to get help with it. Not every man has sexual designs on her daughters ..GET HELP Sarah. And the disparaging nose awful, ignorant and again adolescent. Not fit for prime time. Ever.

Jk: She's Chauncy Gardener's evil twin, all the immaturity with none of the innocence or sweetness…

Get a Life: $P also has a pattern of trying to emasculate male journalists/detractors/ targets: Limp, impotent, gutless, Homophobe, child-molesting, tax-evading, anti-dentite, puppy-kicking, chain smoking, porn producers lacking cajones Man-up. She also has a very immature pattern of adding "y" or "ie" to male journalists names [Chucky, Johnny, Eddie]. The pattern of attempted emasculation linked with the pattern of peeping tom, pervert, molestation suggestions make for an interesting picture of her thoughts about men and smacks of sexism…

Kim chatman: Sad to say, but I wonder if Sarah Palin was molested by a family member, she seems to think that all older men are after her daughters. I have three daughters and have never thought like that, it's an odd trend with her.

TurtleTears: I spent many years as a volunteer rape crisis and domestic violence counselor. One of the most harmful things a woman can do to other women is to make false accusations of sexual violence or coercion. Anyone who knows the history of trying to not only legislate, but actually prosecute sexual crimes, knows how damaging it is to have women make false accusations. It is the primary reason so many sexual crimes do not get investigated or prosecuted properly. It creates a sense of skepticism in law enforcement, and in the public at large. She is no friend to other women. She is no feminist (regardless of her unending claims.) There is something terribly wrong with this woman. In my experience, women who make these false claims do it for one reason: to get attention.

SondraT nails it (H/T lillibird): Bingo. He was smart enough to see through her BS from the get-go. And Halcro too. She can't stand men who don't fall for her.

Jollyroger: There does seem to be some kind of obsession among "family values" wingers with child molestation. As tacky as this may seem to you, I have to ask: are they obsessed with it because they were victims, or because they want to be perpetrators? No other answers make sense. You don't talk THAT much about something without having an intense interest in it. And given that Mama Grifter is from a Pentecostalist sect known to produce an abnormal number of child abusers.... I don't need to say anything else.

SCMommy: I totally agree that any woman who's actually birthed a baby had to know from the first moment the story was told that it was a TOTAL FRAUD. It's the most absurd story ever…And she has relied solely on the Squeamish Male Strategy to get by without any questions. After all, most guys can't even go in a store and purchase maxi pads without freaking out--they're sure as hell not going to question any story that involves bodily fluids, vaginal births, placentas, and breast milk.

Mercy_mercy (leading to a funny mini-thread): I don't know if this has been said, but I understand Weiner lives his life with relish.

Yknott: We are all troubled by the fact that our politicos here can't get anything done. In my opinion it is all about bringing Obama down. That is the Republican agenda. They don't give a damn about anything else.

AzureGhost: Apparently, the missionary position worked really well for Bristol's cramps. Sorry, couldn't resist....

Zane1: If I recall, from some time ago, Bristol was hoping that Tripp was not Levi's which of course means he wasn't her only partner.

TruGal: Palin holding the registered "R" trademark symbol in the photo above conjures the image of someone who's R®evolting, R®epugnant, and R®epulsive. Too harsh? Nah.

Nin1963: What kind of "common sense" parenting is going on when an underage girl is allowed the opportunity to go camping with a boy in the first place? Where were YOU $arah, when your daughter was chugging back alcohol at parties and fooling around with boys? Where were YOU $arah, when your other daughter Willow was trashing a house on a weekend bender? Where were YOU $arah when your son was cutting brake lines on school buses after stealing a bottle of vodka and binge drinking/drugging? Oh yeah, you were out to lunch, out of town, reaching for your golden veep ring, vacationing in Hawaii--take your pick. YOU WERE NOT DOING YOUR JOB. And you expect the American people to give you the most important job in the world? With your lousy track record and history of quitting, lying and mismanagement, why the hell should you be given even an inch of power? Thanks but no thanks honey.

Honestyingov: Also...if you believe Bristles ' story '... that means they chose to and knowingly dressed up Bristle's accused rapist, put him in a suit and trotted him out to America, put him on stage as a shining ' example '. I guess they would want you to forget THAT part of the spin…

Ella (and others) linked to the Daily Caller’s interview with John Ziegler, who isn’t quite as infatuated with Sarah as he used to be. She and Helen LPN were cooking up an idea for a support group (website) for all those who Palin has used and then thrown under the bus. [BBT: I LOVE this idea – and it would have guaranteed massive traffic every day!]

Burkle found a treasure trove of photos.

HonestyInGov (and others) pointed out the excellent post by Andrew Sullivan, “The Day Trig Was Born.”

Andrew had several other excellent posts; here is one.

Older_Wiser2 found this on Andrew Halcro’s blog: the $100,000/year taxpayer-funded babysitter.

Jewel posted this link on a severe case of Palinosis.

Here is MoJo’s take on the emails.

(BBT, from Twitter) Robert Reich on what is wrong with the economy.

Adrian linked to an excellent rumproast of Sarah.

The Last Word:

Marieke02: A quote from Zenna over at Joe McGinniss' blog should be the motto of each and every Trig Truther: The truth is incontrovertible; malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is. – Winston Churchill

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