Friday, June 3, 2011

Sarah Palin in Boston: Sight-seeing, autographs, interviews, start all over again - PLUS: Elizabeth Hasselbeck is not Happy and Yes, Sarah Will Run

By Patrick

Sarah Palin visited Boston today, and someone uploaded a video clip on youtube about this visit to Boston which shows extremely well what this visit and Sarah's "look-at-me" bus tour is all about: It's a show, nothing else. An orgy of sight-seeing, giving autographs, giving interviews and pretending very hard that the Queen of Mean hasn't decided yet whether she should run for President:

Meanwhile, it's interesting to note that former supporter Elizabeth Hasselbeck is no longer happy with Sarah: Hasselbeck, who now openly supports Mitt Romney, complained today on "The View" that Sarah Palin is manipulating the media in order to take attention away from Mitt Romney:

Also, our reader maelewis just provided a very interesting piece of information in the comments of the previous post:

Cent Uygur and his panel are discussing SarahPAC and Sarah. Shushanna Walshe (Sarah From Alaska) said that from the beginning the PAC was funded to pay for Sarah's travel. They are looking at a $5 million PAC that has donated 10% to other candidates, which leaves 90% for spend on herself, her so-called vacation. Walshe says that Sarah is running, and she has already seen the movie. That clinches it, after seeing the movie, "there is no way that she's not running."

David Korn (Mother Jones) thinks that in the end, Sarah is hyping her brand. They all agree that despite the fact that kids may be along on Sarah's bus, it IS NOT a family vacation. A really catty note: Today, Sarah is wearing her pink TLC t-shirt, and she appears to be wearing underwear along the same proportions of the Belmont Stakes. She does not look like the skinny gal in the black t-shirt at Rolling Thunder.

She will run, you betcha, America!

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