Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekly Roundup, June 6-13, 2011 (What an Interesting Week!)

by BlueberryT

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Henry Blodget Ups the Ante

Wow, this guy is really digging in! Henry Blodget of Business Insider is actively seeking evidence from the public about Babygate, to try to put the matter to rest, once and for all. Of course, we know that the Anchorage Daily News tried to do this, without success – but they were not openly asking readers for tips. It will be interesting to see if the responses are all Palinbot junk, or if there are some good nuggets that will find their way into this publication. Interestingly, he is also continuing to publish the interviews between Laura Novak and Brad Scharlott. This is such huge progress over where we were a few months ago, and it is really gratifying to see a few brave folks in the MSM taking on Babygate.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mental Health Break – Laughing at Palin

Patrick brings together some of the BRILLIANT spoofs on Sarah Palin and her idiotic claim that she knows her American history. If you look at nothing else, you MUST see Stephen Colbert’s parody of Palin’s version of Paul Revere’s ride – it is fantastic! And for a little icing on the cake, Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post absolutely panned the film paean, the Defeated. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Separation of Church and State is So Passé

Okay, mental health break over! This is not only a serious but a very important post by Kathleen, who takes a look at the ultra-right-wing political strategy to embed religion deeply into our politics and our government. Such people do not believe that Christianity is merely a religion… ‘True believers’ want more God in their lives and in your life too. Less Government and more God.” Showing how much more she knows of American history than Sarah Palin ever will, Kathleen quotes from George Washington, Samuel Adams and James Madison to show that the founders recognized the dangers of religion in government, and that their views on this subject are the opposite of what the ultra-right Christians are promoting.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Three Ring Palin Email Circus

Finally, after almost three years, the State of Alaska released 24,000+ heavily redacted emails, reserving another several thousand from disclosure. Our readers have been very busy going through them, as have news organizations and others around the globe. It’s not that we expect a smoking gun, especially after all the redactions – but the emails will undoubtedly help fill in some of the pieces of the puzzle, and give an insider view of the Palin administration’s MO. Here is the LA Times guide to the cast of characters (HT Azure Ghost).

Some Comments and Links:

Maelewis: Sarah cannot tell a simple story in a simple, linear fashion. Whatever enters her brain gets tossed around like clothes in a dryer, and everything comes out tangled, socks wrapped around pants legs, panties sticking to undershirts, it has to get sorted out. Everything that Sarah says (and thinks) comes up tangled…If Sarah cannot process a simple history lesson and repeat it, she does not have the ability to make sound judgements in more complicated situations.

Cackling Rad: The thing I find so strange about people's reactions to Sarah's Paul Revere nonsense is that she's been making this kind of fool of herself for years. Remember Putin rearin' his ugly head? And the Dutch and the Norwegian building dikes to stop the oil spill in the Gulf? Unless she is reading what someone else wrote for her, she doesn't know what the f*** she is talking about and simply blathers nonsense. As long as she fills in time with a blizzard of words, she thinks she did great. Content is nothing to her. So why has everyone leapt on this example of her idiocy? Because it's something most people recognize as nonsense? Because the Republicans are sick of her and want her gone, too? Or is it just one toke over the line, sweet Sarah?

SondraT: Wasilla DeVil, Wasilla DeVil If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will....

Brown_fox: Palin's way is not ignorance, but WILLFUL, DELIBERATE VIOLATION, followed by OBFUSCATION! (most of her violations are preceded by clear warning by her associates about the illegality of it, but she plows through the statutes anyways!)

Linda1961 made a good point about Sarah’s supporters trying to disrupt the email review: Why? If they really believe that Quitter is pure, they should welcome this. In fact, THEY should have been the ones to demand the emails be released. Since Quitter can do no wrong in their eyes, what are they so afraid of?

BfromC: They are talking on MSNBC right now how Palin blasts the media, but in her emails it shows how obsessed she was about what was going on in the media and her image.

Mini-thread, starting with Ella: IMO, this was just sarah getting everyone on board to despise Lyda Green. If you look at end of 2007 (prior to sarah convincing everyone that Lyda was spreading Bristol rumors), you will see that Lyda was INSISTING on an AUDIT of MatMaid. It drove sarah nuts - and sarah did not want to fight Lyda alone - this way, all of her staff got on board to destroy Lyda. Payback, as usual, because Lyda asked too many questions (Dairygate!). This exactly fits scarah's M.O. DESTROY anyone who questions the Queen! PoliticalKarma: Lyda arranged for a three part audit to be done. The first two parts were completed...the part three was to look into Kristan Cole's shenanighans....that never was started. Sunnyjane: Perhaps we should start calling Sarah the "Dairy Queen."

Maelewis summed up the emails: The emails show Palin to be worried about her image, petty and vengeful. Her staff enabled her.

TruGal: All those redactions remind me of the missing 18 1/2 minutes on the Nixon Watergate Tapes!

HelenNPN: Seems like more Alaskan back scratching is going on than a Grizzly standing on an ant hill under a pine tree!

Leadfoot_LA: These emails make it perfectly clear that she HAD TO sneak into town and accept Trig under cover of darkness. Any woman in labor would TELL HER STAFF that she is in labor and headed to a hospital. The fact that she didn't means she was hiding something. Had she told them, they would have showed up with flowers and balloons. The media may even have gotten wind of it. She couldn't have that. She could only have people find out AFTER the "birth" so they weren't out in the hospital waiting room while nothing was going on in labor and delivery.

Older_Wiser: We all have our idiosyncrasies, but exploiting pathologies for personal gain and exposing the entire country to them is something that must be stopped. We can't afford people like her, or anyone else, poisoning the public discourse.

Sunnyjane linked to Keith Olbermann’s comment on Michele Bachmann hearing voices, and came up with a good tweet: If Paul Revere had had access to social media, he’d have tweeted: “Forget the British! OMG, Palin is coming, Palin is coming!” #palinhistory Later, she found this priceless piece.

Former Republican and others found more on Palin’s version of history on the perilsofpalins blog.

HonestyinGov has been doing a great job getting the word out about Clarence Thomas’s unethical behavior on the SCOTUS. Here is an article from Al Jazeera on this topic.

Bandit Basheert linked to Halcro’s roadmap for Palin’s opponents.

Lilybart found this YouTube video of a regular guy telling it like it is: Capitalism Has Failed America. The guy is totally pissed off, but he knows what he’s talking about.

Here is a brilliant rebuttal of Palin saying she knows her history, from Stonekettle (apologies that I do not know who posted the link).

Salon’s excellent article on Sarah’s vacation from history.

Zane1 had this from Eugene Robinson on Palin’s revisionist history.

Wesinoregon linked to this article on the Bush tax cuts (fiscal infamy).

Some Gotcha questions

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