Wednesday, July 27, 2011

America Holds A Collective Breath About The Debt Ceiling Crisis And Sarah Palin Accuses President Obama Yet Again Of Fear Mongering

By Kathleen

Sigh! Another worn out repetitive spew from the the Queen of Mean. It's just so old Sarah. America does not need to listen to Sarah Palin's slithering attacks against President Obama as she seeks to raise herself in a vainglorious attempt to his level. Her words are hollow, and all that she has to offer Americans is a venom laced answer.

Americans require a solution to the issue that Sarah Palin says is "more Obama drama" and "that it is not Armageddon. It is not life or death." It is very possible that "real Americans" will not receive their cheques after August 2nd and President Obama seeks compromise to avoid this situation, not drama.

Sarah Palin though is ready to take the risk that there may be an economic catastrophe. Her solution is another soundbite. "It's the spending, stupid." (did Sarah just call the president of the United States stupid?) This is because, according to Sarah, Obama doesn't understand "what he is doing when we ask him to lead us out of this situation we're facing with bankruptcy."

Let me try to understand Sarah's attempts at logic. On Monday President Obama states that a solution must be reached by August 2 or America will face a catastrophe. During On the Record with Greta Van Susteren Sarah claims that President Obama is a fear monger. Numerous times. Sarah then continues to say that in her opinion President Obama's lack of understanding regarding the solutions she would like to see implemented will lead to bankruptcy. Isn't this also an example of fear mongering?

Moreover, when Sarah accuses President Obama of insisting that the Troubled Asset Relief Programme had to be passed she conveniently slides over the fact that TARP was arranged and signed into law by the previous Bush government. TARP was not an Obama presidency initiative however much Sarah may want to insinuate that it was. Sarah Palin is not only a fear monger, she is also devious in her suggestions to the American public that the previous Bush administration's overspend can somehow be attributed to the present one. (hat tip to older_wiser for the CBS link.)

This interview proves that when it comes to behaving immorally and unethically Sarah Palin is ten steps ahead of your average politician.

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