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Weekly Roundup, July 25-31, 2011

by BlueberryT

Monday, July 25, 2011

Teutonic Asks Probing Questions

Teutonic’s “elegant” guest post questions what Sarah Palin would actually accomplish, were she to assume the reins of power. (Gasp.) Here is part: The road to the presidency is a test of mettle. By its very nature it is deliberately exhausting. An effort designed to separate the chaff from the wheat. It requires perseverance, strength of conviction, and a self review in a mirror that does not reflect The Picture of Dorian Gray. It is not a post on Facebook, written by a less than gifted, ghostly hand…” Teutonic’s incredible graphic accompanying the post reveals the true Sarah.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aid for Africa

We have been so immersed in the political insanity du jour (Bachmann, Beck, debt ceiling, etc.) that the major humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Horn of Africa may be overlooked. Kathleen asks us to take a moment to help avert a huge disaster. Here is the link for Mercy Corps; please take action now to make a difference, and thank you for your compassion toward those less fortunate. It boggles the imagination ~ a million people are at serious risk of death.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Textbook Psychological Projection: Palin calls President “Stupid” and “Fear Monger”

Good God, can’t someone intervene and adjust this woman’s medications? As Kathleen says, “Another worn out repetitive spew from the the Queen of Mean.” Once again she lectures in that horrible know-it-all nagging voice and projects onto President Obama her own personal failings. In addition to being a stupid fear-monger, she is an ignorant, lying, angry, seething, unhinged whack job, as she proves here once again. All that money on plastic surgery is for naught as her true inner anger and hatred comes through so vividly in this clip (perhaps even moreso with the sound off). At least there is some satisfaction in seeing former sycophant Greta Van Susteren cut her off.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Palin to Keynote Tea Party Event

Labor Day is the traditional beginning of campaigning season, so it is not lost on Kathleen that Sarah Palin will speak at an event organized by a Tea Party group that seems to have just appeared recently. As several readers noted, there seems to be a pattern of using these shell organizations to transfer money to Palin’s coffers. But that’s another issue. The post focuses on another Palin speech to another Tea Party group. (One may speculate what America will think of the Tea Party by then, if the government defaults on its debt.) This one will be on the 3rd anniversary of Palin’s dramatic speech accepting the VP nomination at the RNC. Palin likes anniversaries and especially likes to make a splash on holiday weekends. Of course, it was on the eve of a holiday that she quit, too.

The Murdoch Hackers Sink to a New Low

Imagine befriending the mother of a slain child, and taking advantage of her grief and vulnerability by hacking the phone you had given her? No one could possibly be that low. Except if you work for the Murdochs; in that case, this is business as usual. It makes me physically nauseous to think about how disgusting these people are; they give parasites a bad name. Oh, by the way, James Murdoch just received a vote of confidence from the BskyB board. I assume their confidence is that he is so without scruples and so profit-motivated that morals, honesty and decency will never get in his way.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sarah Palin, Big Tease

VinnieF takes on the question: will she or won’t she? His take is that she won’t run, and he logically points to several indicators (terrible poll numbers, bad prior experience campaigning, lack of a campaign organization). Ah, if only Palin were logical!! Our readers seem pretty divided on the question. I’m with those of you who believe that her narcissism and sense of destiny both demand that she run. Having said that, I also agree with Vinnie’s reasoning that she cannot put together a coherent organization (or sentence, for that matter) and that she cannot in any normal scenario win. But that won’t stop her from running, IMHO. Bottom line: either way, she gets her yayas by being a big tease.

Some Comments and Links:

Kilob: If a twenty year plan could come forward to pay down our national debt by 1/2 or 3/4 while raising taxes and cuts to non essential government programs, we could use this plan as an investment in this countries future much like the many programs of a bygone era that built this nation.

Maelewis: Palin is not alone. As we watch politician threaten to throw the country and the world into economic chaos, I fail to see people who truly want to serve the public. Instead, politics attracts people whose extreme political/religious/economic actions reek of political theater instead of service. They must crave the spotlight as much as Sarah does…

Marieke02: I am beginning to think the DSM needs a whole new category for these political psychopaths…they all displace their frustrations, insecurities, rage and, well, anything else that doesn't feel right inside, right onto the political sphere; they hook up with politically-oriented cults (with or without charismatic leaders); they feed on political-hate rhetoric; and they are easily incited to violence against political figures they deem enemies.

Adrian: Everyone loves a backseat driver who can't read a map. Keep up the good work, Sarah! [Later] The position she's running for isn't president, she wants to be America's Back Seat Driver because it comes with zero responsibility.

AzureGhost: You know what? I really couldn't give a shit what Palin decides to do. Seriously. Whatever she does, she isn't going to be elected President -- the abysmal box office numbers for the Unattended show that her star power is waning and that all she achieved was to suck a few more dollars out of her loyal worshippers. She's proven time and time again that she is completely incapable of organizing anything, sticking with anything, and keeping hold of staff. Can't run a successful presidential campaign if you can't do those things... I think it's going to be hilarious to watch her flounder further in the coming weeks and to see her sycophants unravel as they realize she is done.

Aussiegal77: The Divine power she often cites is just the "divine" power of being able to cheat & lie her way thru pretty much everything in life.

TripleMoon: Just got off the phone with a relative who is very conservative. She told me she is so angry with the Republican's :) She also said the other members of my family (who rallied with the Tea baggers) are also angry and disgusted with the Republican/Tea baggers. This is their own party who they helped elect. Also, they are all appalled by Murdoch, and are sure if it went on in the UK, it most likely went on here, too. They are all FOX viewers, too. There is hope, folks :)

BadlandsAK: She HAS to run. It is ordained by God, and I think she could care less what we all think of her or her chances of winning. She still has the Dominionists behind her and she/they are creating a new playbook.

BanditBasheert: …Her narcissism runs her life… For that reason, she has to run. Her disease is telling her to run and she never ignores her narcissism. On the other hand, her paranoia drives her fear of confrontation… She knows she has no knowledge base or intelligence - so she goes through life faking everything…she says nothing because she knows nothing. I think she is in a war with herself. Her narcissistic personality demands that she run and win the Presidency. Her paranoia tells her if she does, she will be reviled, laughed at, and she will be seen as the incompetent boob that she really is…

Annes_123 summed up Palin’s legacy: "Children, this is the woman who hated this President. She used to be a Governor but decided to quit so she could follow the Presidency of Barack Obama. She spent 4 entire years giving speeches, writing messages in Facebook, and twittering about how horrible he was. She was trying to convince the people that he was dangerous and not to be trusted. President Obama went on to serve a second term. S.P. eventually fizzled out and was soon forgotten."

Marieke02 linked to politicususa on Dominionism and the Norwegian massacre. and then offered a little relief with this.

Cheeriogirl posted this list of Koch-funded front groups and this on who is really paying taxes (and who isn’t).

Juicyfruityy pointed this out on Christian extremism, from The Smirking Chimp.

ProChoiceGrandma linked to an excellent article on Christian Dominionism from aljazeera.

Sunnyjane offered some hope that mainstream religious leaders are beginning to speak out against this extremism and WesinOregon also linked on that theme (religious leaders storm the hill).

Honestyingov linked to this article by former GOP advisor Bruce Bartlett on the cause of our fiscal problems.

AquaRose posted this link to a sad, cautionary tale.

EbbtideMB linked to Think Progress on House votes for a compromise debt bill.

Sallyngarlandtx posted a link to this thoughtful statement on the debt ceiling.

I found this interesting article on Twitter: Tea Party Exploits Liberals.

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