Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Help Prevent A Million Deaths in Africa

By Kathleen

There is much that I could write about today. The recent revelations that Michele Bachmann believes that bullying is "part of life" and yet she has not made any comment about the shocking number of teen suicides in the district of Minnesota which she represents.

I could even discuss the fact that some in the GOP have lost what is left of their tiny collective mind, especially Mike Lee who wants to take spending back to 1966 levels. Perhaps Mike would also consider a cut in his own salary? Let's say to something akin to 1966 levels? How about it Mike?

Or what about Glenn Beck and the fact that he wants to compare the young people massacred on Utoya island by a right wing killer to the Hitler Youth? The Guardian reports that Beck's remarks have been slammed in Norway. It also reports that the Tea Party may find Beck's comments surprising as summer camps for young people have been held by the tea Party in several locations this year. Sarah Palin also has her own political youth wing. Torbjorn Eriksen, had this to say about Beck's remarks:

"Young political activists have gathered at Utøya for over 60 years to learn about and be part of democracy, the very opposite of what the Hitler Youth was about. Glenn Beck's comments are ignorant, incorrect and extremely hurtful."

All of the above are important issues and feel free to discuss them in the comments.

However, what I really want to draw your attention to today is the following request which I received from Mother Jones in my inbox a short while ago. Drought is causing the deaths of many in East Africa. Everyday. As individuals we cannot resolve such tragedy but collectively we can make a difference to the developing situation in East Africa.

Mercy Corps

Tonight, 10 million people in Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia will have empty bellies.

This is the worst hunger crisis in 60 years.

This is urgent. Help us rush food and water to the Horn donate to the Horn of Africa Crisis Response fund.

Friend, starving families are walking for days on empty bellies on the chance that there will be food somewhere else. Mothers are giving their children salty, contaminated water because it's all they can get to drink.

Children are dying every day.

The drought in the Horn of Africa was already heartbreaking and each week, it's getting worse.

With so many families needing our help to find their next meal, we're depending on your support right now to respond with food, water, and other critical relief.

Click here to make your emergency gift for the Horn of Africa Hunger Crisis fund.

Think about the last time you were hungry. Then imagine there was little hope you'd have even a bite to eat for days unless someone you had never met decided to do something about it.

Last time there was a drought this severe in East Africa, in the 1980s, 1 million people starved to death.

Generous people like you have already helped us send emergency food rations like corn-soy flour and cooking oil to 20,000 people in Ethiopia and water to 55,000 people in drought-ravaged regions. We've started building programs that will truck in and purify water for tens of thousands of Somali refugees flocking into Kenya with almost nothing but the clothes on their backs, often having lost loved ones on the way.

Many have stepped up to help. Together, we've already helped 150,000 people survive unbearable conditions, but we can't stop not now. Mercy Corps is mounting emergency relief efforts in Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia to provide clean water and food rations which have become increasingly scarce. For the people in East Africa eating leaves to keep from starving, their best hope for survival depends on people like you.

Will you help?

Make your gift to help hungry families in the Horn of Africa survive.

Thank you for your compassion. Your help is critical during these dire times.


Dan O'Neill, Mercy Corps

Dan O'Neill

P.S. It only takes thirteen cents to give an Ethiopian girl the water she needs today. Please make a gift right now to send relief to East Africa's starving families.

Mercy Corps — PO Box 2669, Dept W — Portland, OR — 97208-2669


Please consider supporting the above appeal.

Here is a link to the Mercy corps website and a liitle background information on the founder, Dan O'Neill.

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