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Bristol Palin on the View -- Full Interview - BONUS: Hugh Grant owns ex-News of the World editor Paul McMullen

By Kathleen

Bristol Palin appeared on The View to discuss some of the claims that she made in her book Not Afraid of Life. I think that it should have been better titled Not Afraid of Telling Lies..........

During the interview Bristol talks about losing her virginity whilst drunk and her custody battle with Levi Johnston, the father of her son, Tripp. She also claims that she would not have had sex if she had been sober, and moreover, because she had already crossed her "moral code" she figured at the time that she would just keep right on doing it. Now she is the princess of abstinence.

Next, Jo Behar asks Bristol "Does Levi not want custody?" and Sherri Shepard wants to know "Did you ask him to sign over his parental rights?" Sherri may have been referring to the following interview with Bob and Mark in which Bristol in January, 2011 reveals that she has asked Levi to give up his rights over young Tripp.

Please keep in mind that little Tripp is sitting in the audience when Bristol responds that "When you see your child only a couple of times a year um I think its acceptable to ask something like that." Not content with dissing Tripp's father in print Bristol further vents her spleen in front of her young son. Not cool Bristol, especially because Levi claims that he has requested access on frequent occassions and has been told that Bristol is "out of town."

Which she usually is!

Levi has also claimed that he has not given Bristol permission to take Tripp out of state and that he will not sign over his parental rights over Tripp to Bristol. Although he has remained quite quiet up until now I'm absolutely sure that Levi will reveal more about his constant struggle over access to his son in his new book, Deer in the Headlights. I am certainly going to buy a copy because I want to read his side of the story. Only Levi can tell his story, not any other person, and in my opinion it is his story to tell.

Moving on with the interview, and setting custody issues aside for the moment, everything is A OK for Bristol because she is right with God and right with her family. If she has to make personal attacks on Cindy and Meghan McCain it is only in order to make her own family look real in comparison to the rich McCains. She left the rest unsaid but I think that we all know that she meant that they were different from the real Americans. Real Americans like the Palins. (Vote for my mom because she is awesome and cool and so normal and we are so unspoilt.)

On a positive note Joy Behar, behaving like the adult in the room, urges Bristol to give Levi a chance because he may want to have more to do with Tripp in the future. Bristol responds that "absolutely" she "welcomes him in his life all the time." As I wrote above Levi has a different tale to tell.

Bristol, all child experts agree that keeping a child from his father will more than likely result in disastrous effects in the future. Think of your cute little son, not yourself, and please, please, please stop talking about these issues in front of Tripp.


BONUS UPDATE - By Patrick:

Actor Hugh Grant stands up to former editor of the now infamous and almost deceased tabloid "News of the World", Paul McMullen - simply a pleasure to watch. Many thanks to our reader zane1 for posting the clip!

In April of this year, Grant published an article in Britain’s The New Statesman describing the tactics used by the British tabloid media and how each Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher has known that they can only be elected with the help and consent of Murdoch’s NewsCorp, Inc. empire.

Grant had a run-in with former News of the World editor Paul McMullen in which he found out that the tabloid was listening in on his phone messages. As a retaliatory gesture, he made a visit to McMullen’s pub with a recording device and got the editor on tape admitting to many of the paper’s most dubious practices.

The two men met again on the BBC News Channel and while the discussion began cordially enough, it quickly escalated. Grant’s parting shot to McMullen is not to be missed.

It's refreshing to see people like Hugh Grant - who has nothing to be ashamed of by being a highly paid actor and has a right to privacy like anybody else - standing up against these crappy people from the Murdoch empire who behave like little self-righteous Kings and Queens.

Very interesting to read the transcript of the secretly taped conversation between Hugh Grant and Paul McMullen - some audio excerpts here. The conversation proved that something is rotten in the state of David Cameron, and that his former communications chief Andy Colson was arrested with very good reason - excerpt:

Me (Hugh Grant) So, how's the whistleblowing going?
Him (Paul McMullen) I'm trying to get a book published. I sent it off to a publisher who immediately accepted it and then it got legal and they said, "This is never going to get published."
Me Why? Because it accuses too many people of crime?
Him Yes, as I said to the parliamentary commission, Coulson knew all about it and regularly ordered it . . . He [Coulson] rose quickly to the top; he wanted to cover his tracks all the time. So he wouldn't just write a story about a celeb who'd done something. He'd want to make sure they could never sue, so he wanted us to hear the celeb like you on tape saying, "Hello, darling, we had lovely sex last night." So that's on tape - OK, we've got that and so we can publish . . . Historically, the way it went was, in the early days of mobiles, we all had analogue mobiles and that was an absolute joy. You know, you just . . . sat outside Buckingham Palace with a £59 scanner you bought at Argos and get Prince Charles and everything he said.
Me Is that how the Squidgy tapes [of Diana's phone conversations] came out? Which was put down to radio hams, but was in fact . . .
Him Paps in the back of a van, yes . . . I mean, politicians were dropping like flies in the Nineties because it was so easy to get stuff on them. And, obviously, less easy to justify is celebrities. But yes.
Me And . . . it wasn't just the News of the World. It was , you know - the Mail?
Him Oh absolutely, yeah. When I went freelance in 2004 the biggest payers - you'd have thought it would be the NoW, but actually it was the Daily Mail. If I take a good picture, the first person I go to is - such as in your case - the Mail on Sunday. Did you see that story? The picture of you, breaking down . . . I ought to thank you for that. I got £3,000. Whooo!

Also good to know that, according to Paul McMullen in this secretly taped conversation:

Cameron must have known - that's the bigger scandal. He had to jump into bed with Murdoch as everyone had, starting with Thatcher in the Seventies . . . Tony Blair . . . [tape is hard to hear here] Maggie openly courted Murdoch, saying, you know, "Please support me." So when Cameron, when it came his turn to go to Murdoch via Rebekah Wade . . . Cameron went horse riding regularly with Rebekah. I know, because as well as doorstepping celebrities, I've also doorstepped my ex-boss by hiding in the bushes, waiting for her to come past with Cameron on a horse . . . before the election to show that - you know - Murdoch was backing Cameron.

Hugh Grant, I feel that I never really knew you! Respect! Very well done!



I would like to add another very impressive interview by Hugh Grant, this time given on the UK Murdoch-channel Sky News. Hugh Grant is not only highly intelligent, he has real guts as well, as he proves again:

+++ More videos about the News of the World scandal can be found on this youtube-channel +++

The newest video is a taped speech by News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks addressing her staff.

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