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Weekly Roundup, June 27-July 3, 2011

By Blueberry T

Monday, June 27, 2011

Fascism in America

Sunnyjane’s guest post on the rise of fascism in America is a must-read. No less an authority than Mussolini said that “Fascism…is the merger of the state and corporate power.” Sounds like the Supreme Court's manifesto. Referencing an article by Laurence Britt, sunnyjane highlights key characteristics of fascism that are at the core of right-wing politics today:

  • Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism
  • Disdain for the importance of human rights
  • A controlled mass media
  • Religion and ruling elite tied together
  • Power of corporations protected
  • Power of labor suppressed or eliminated

Several readers pointed out Umberto Eco’s writings on fascism, including this piece from the NY Review of Books.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Sarah Palin™ Brand

Last week I took a look at what the Bristol Palin™ brand stands for, and this week Dusty explores the Sarah Palin™ brand. Dusty identifies what Sarah’s values are to her loyal following and what makes her stand out and be compelling. Then she takes a closer look at the truth behind the Palin Brand and finds a lot of image creation, smoke and mirrors. What does she stand for? Two words- Sarah Palin.” What makes her stand out? “Good looks & charm.” Dusty concludes: The real “Palin Brand” is "Baffle them with Bullshit."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nick Broomfield documentary and other clips

Patrick shows a series of video clips featuring Sarah Palin and her mini-me daughter. The first is from Nick Broomfield’s soon-to-be-released documentary, showing how people who ask unscripted questions of Palin are treated at her speeches. We then get to see that B®i$tol Palin™ “cannot say on TV…how much she hates Levi Johnston.” [BBT: Alaska courts, please take notice of this abusive behavior by Bristol.] The little charade about whether Sarah will run or not continues, but happily, many Americans see Bristol as the vapid, worthless little b**ch that she is. More Sarah Word Salad, and then we see living proof that miracles will never cease, as Eddie Burke says that Frank Bailey is telling the truth about her.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Sarah Palin’s Crucifix

Kathleen has a genius for getting to the root of Sarah Palin’s manipulative and suggestive imagery. In this post, she highlights Palin’s unsubtle co-opting of the Christian cross as a symbol of her own imagined personification of Christ and his persecution. She often portrays herself as a victim because it plays into this persecution imagery. As Kathleen says, “Sarah Palin attracts such remarks and attention because she invites them through her own persistent and cynical manipulation of her image. She does so because she wants to be regarded as the next saviour of the right and, as she sees it, of America itself.”

Saturday, July 2, 2011

What Would Sarah Do?

Ennealogic gets down to the nitty-gritty: what would Sarah and others like her actually do, were they to assume power in this country (gasp). First, actually, what would they undo? Programs that regulate corporations, protect citizens and the environment or help the poor, disadvantaged and elderly. What would they do? They would help corporations and the wealthy continue to pay less than their fair share of taxes, and help corporations access the public treasury through privatizing functions typically performed (often better and at less cost) by government, including: health care, military, infrastructure, education, transportation, law enforcement and public safety and safety net programs. Patrick adds an excellent documentary by Robert Greenwald on the profiteering by Halliburton and other private contractors who have siphoned off billions of dollars in profits in the Iraq war and reconstruction. Very sobering.

Sunnyjane reminded us: Happy Quitters Day, Sarah Palin!

Some Comments and Links:

Texasgal2009 (re Cindy McCain): I think Bristol might have reacted the way she did because she had recently been involved with a power struggle with another older woman over her child. As a result she misinterpreted a very generous offer as an attempt to gain control over her child.

BfromC: A lot of Pella doors there for Palin to plow right through. Hopefully they are all marked E X I T

Linda1961: …It sounds like Bristle planned upon losing her virginity on that camping trip and is upset that she can't remember that special night…

Sleuth1 pegged Bristol perfectly: This is the same 15-year-old who blacked out on whine coolers? (deliberate typo)

HopeforAmerica: Bristol looks like she enjoys her recent interviews publicly talking about her sex life. She is so full of herself and so full of shit. ETA: She gave exactly the same answers on [Hannity and] Good Morning America… It is worth it to watch the video just to see Bristol openly talk about her sex life. Who would expose themselves in this way? She seems to enjoy it, like Sarah appears to when people talk about her in a sexual way.

OneMorePoint: She is a full-on fame whore. Nothing more. Attention for its own sake. It's like a drug for her. She needs it. Without the attention and the feeling of popularity that it gives her, she goes into a depressive spiral..... I guess we know why her family participates in these schemes. Helping her get her next "fix" is better than suffering through another "black" period.

Sunnyjane: …when you've REALLY been date-raped, you call a cop, not a publisher. [Later on Bachmann/Palin] Maybe she'll start her own party, the Ask Me No Questions, I'll Tell You No Lies Party.

Indy_girl: The "Palin Brand": Spout nonsense, pose for cameras, take money. [BBT: this seems to cover them both nicely.]

Daisydem: …It is all about Sarah. Bristol's book is even really all about Sarah. Bristol's book signings are all about Sarah. And the entourage making their way to the elevator was all about Sarah…

Laprofesora: So what does Scarah do for attention now? She went to her "premiere", did Brystil's "book" signing, and now she's stuck with "jury duty" for a month. Meanwhile frenemy Michelle Bachman is everywhere. What's a narcissist gotta do to stay in the news cycle?

MamaGrisly: Releasing a version of this crappy work of cruci-FICTION that includes lynchings and crucifixions will backfire, just like the Blood Libel video. A lot of people might fall for $P's attempts to play the victim, but devout Christians will balk at comparing her little bullshit problems she brought on herself to the crucifixion of their savior.

Mitchethekid: $arah Payme is a lying, malignant narcissist. She has the depth of a well worn dime… She talks endlessly about how much she loves America and yet she knows nothing about it, or it's history and she spends most of her time pitting one group of American's against another… This woman will never hold office again. She isn't even qualified to be on The Jerry Springer Show…

Dusty17 finished Older_Wiser2’s Bristol™ quote: “I just slept with one guy…” a time? Is that the rest of the sentence or just the unspoken part of the sentence?

Texasgal2009: Isn't it amazing how right wingers who loudly tell the government not to regulate their guns, want the same government to regulate our bodies ? They don't want the EPA to have any power over air, land and water pollution but they want the government to control what adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms.

Here’s a link from juicyfruityy on Michele Bachmann from politicususa.

Zane1 linked to Colbert having fun with Michele Bachmann; brilliant!

Link from Twitter: Roger Ailes planned Fox News model during Nixon days.

Azure Ghost wowed us with her graphics skills; here and here and below are some examples. H/T to Jewels, who did the original graphic below, "enhanced" by Azure Ghost with RAM's face.


Note by Patrick:

Thank you so much again for the great roundup, Blueberry Tart!

I would like to add two very funny videos dealing with Sarah Palin to the roundup which I discovered last week.

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Jake Byrd was at the scene of Sarah Palin's movie premiere:

First part in the series: Sarah Palin/Michelle Bachmann - Great Moments in American History:

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