Thursday, July 21, 2011

Andrew Sullivan - Sarah Palin Plans a Weimar Run - Plus Washington Post/ABC new Poll Shows Palin Running Second to Romney

By Kathleen

Andrew Sullivan in a new post at the Daily Beast lays his opinion on the line.

If the Republican radicals decide to destroy the American economy in order to save it in the debt crisis, and Obama simply cannot survive the depression that follows, Palin is poised. It's all so very Weimar.

This is still the opinion that I hold and which I have often stated. Patrick also wrote about the Weimar connection.

You can read more from Andrew here.

The Washington Post and ABC News Poll showing Sarah Palin second to Mitt Romney is here. When looking at this poll remember that up until now Sarah Palin has not announced that she is running. This poll can only encourage her to do so.

My only hope is that participants in the poll generally disapprove of the way that the Republicans in Congress are handling the economy, the federal budget deficit and taxes.

However, it should be noted that this may change if an actual crisis is created. More voters may turn on Obama if such a situation actually occurs. This is what Palin wants -- she is depending on an economic collapse engineered by the GOP. I suspect that this is the main reason why she is waiting until August or September before announcing her intentions.

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