Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly Roundup, July 18-24, 2011

by BlueberryT

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Fellow American + An Interesting Photo

Our week began on a very positive note, with a short film called “My Fellow American,” which helps to cut through the anti-Islamic bigotry that is so prevalent in some quarters these days (not just in the U.S., as Norway sadly learned this week). It is well worth less than 3 minutes of your time to watch the clip. The post also includes an interesting photo of Palin with the girls at the Flyers game, along with Trig, who looks huge! And how could we have ever mixed up Bristol and Willow – here they are side-by-side, and they don’t look all that similar, IMO. And that was even before Bristol’s extensive plastic surgery!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Azure Ghost’s “The Unattended” Poster + Hacking Scandal Heats Up

Azure Ghost is a genius at creating “movie posters” and other Palin images. It is really hard to choose a favorite, but... this one is particularly brilliant, as it helped to drive media attention to the fact that the Palin propaganda film is a complete dud, as Olbermann and others have reported. Kathleen alerted us to the lineup for testimony before the U.K. Parliament…


Well, maybe it was a set-up, but “Johnny Marbles” took aim at poor, defenseless Rupert Murdoch as he was testifying before Parliament, hitting him in the face with a plateful of foam. Then Wendi Deng smacked Marbles; ouch, he definitely got the worst of this! (She is married to Murdoch? WTF?) The whole scene engendered sympathy for poor little Rupert, who was mostly able to get away with feigning ignorance and blaming his underlings. Quite a media circus. The post also includes a photo of Britta Hanson, Track’s bride of two months, looking about 7 months pregnant. Funny, that’s just how pregnant Sarah claimed to be in March 2008, when she looked flat as a board. Suck it up, Britta…what’s with the flabby abs, and this is only your first kid?; what a slacker! (Kidding, she looks beautiful and somewhat normal, which is probably a disadvantage in the family she has now married into.) Twitter is ablaze with comments about how well abstinence-only works in the Palin-Heath clan (we’re up to at least 5 pre-marital pregnancies, just among Sally, Sarah, Bristol and now Track…) Yet Bristol got paid ~$325,000 as an abstinence advocate. This goes way beyond mere hypocrisy.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

British PM Testifies on Hacking Scandal

British PM David Cameron’s decision to hire now-disgraced News of the World editor Andy Coulson is finally hitting him where it hurts. About time. Coulson’s involvement in hacking phones was already known, but Cameron not only hired him, claiming he was giving him a second chance, but repeatedly defended him until recent revelations made Coulson too toxic. More importantly, the cozy, close relationship between Cameron and Murdoch’s empire is getting the scrutiny it deserves. Hopefully the British public is now aware of the extent to which Murdoch has controlled their politics by playing puppetmaster to their highest elected officials.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Leadfoot Does It Again – Dr. Drew Interview

h/t to Annes_123

Leadfoot, how can we thank you for sparing the rest of us the agony of watching Bris-dull for a whole hour? Dr. Drew interviews “celebrities with behavior problems,” so I guess we’re in the right place! We relive the loss of Bristol’s virginity for the 100th time (double entendre intended) and hear that Bristol’s family is “the closest family ever possible” – so close that her mother knew about her sexual exploits but her father only found out when he read the book. I guess that is how close families act in Palin-land. She lies constantly while smiling, something for which she has been extensively tutored by Sarah. Leadfoot’s commentary is CERTAINLY more interesting, entertaining and insightful than anything on the program. [BBT: I will give Dr. Drew credit for his subsequent observations about how “enmeshed” Bristol has become with Sarah’s persona; but he obviously didn’t do his homework for the interview. We are witnessing the sorry outcome of Sarah’s decision to thrust Bristol into the harsh media spotlight, for which she was completely unprepared. Her sudden notoriety has done her no favors. She comes off as an increasingly disturbed young woman, IMO.]

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Real World Consequences of GOP Policies, Part 3

Ennealogic returns with another brilliant post on what happens when the GOP holds the reins of power. She reminds us of the budget surpluses under President Clinton that were quickly disbursed back to the wealthiest Americans by W’s massive tax cuts. Where does the money go? Largely to the Pentagon, which could not account for 25% of its massive spending, as was reported by CBS on 9/10/2001. The next day’s events not only overshadowed that story but opened the Pentagon’s coffers to Halliburton and other for-profit, largely unaccountable contractors. More trillions gone missing. The post includes an excellent chart showing that the corporate and total tax burden of the US is a lower percentage of GDP than for almost any other nation (which is the real issue; let’s face it). BBT adds: this issue is all the more important given the Citizens United decision allowing corporate wealth = political power.

Sadly, we once again extend our heartfelt condolences, this time to the people of Norway, who have become the most recent victims of right-wing extremism.

Some comments and links:

Ivyfree: Britta was just trying to fit in with the whole family values shtick.

Sunnyjane: It appears to me like we have MUCH to fear from those terrorist Muslims! After all, it was a Muslim terrorist who shot and killed Dr. George Tiller while he was…Oh, that’s not correct?

Well, it was a Muslim terrorist who killed the guard at the Holocaust Museum, right? What! It was a white supremacist named James von Brunn? Oh…

OK, it was that anti-American Muslim Schaeffer Cox from Alaska who founded that terrorist militia and thought up the idea involving a murder pact to kill law enforcement officers and…huh? That wasn’t a Muslim either?

But I betcha it was a treacherous Muslim politician who put up that map with the cross hairs targeting Democratic politicians in the 2010 elections, which ultimately ended in the deaths of six and injury of thirteen others! Oh…that’s not right either? Are you SURE?

Hmm…maybe I need to rethink this whole thing.

Mrsgunka: …I guess Rupert's last statement was to make us all believe he is honest man and he will make it all go away and it will never happen again. :-) No, Rupert, we don't believe you and it's time you be held accountable for most of the current ills of the world that you have orchestrated. We the people have had it with people like you who think you can control us. We didn't vote for you to lead us, but we are voting now that you pay for what you have done. We want our world back from people like you!

Elizabeth44: I love those promises of investigations. They usually seem to mean, "We'll investigate all right and you'll never see the evidence because when we get done there won't be any."

JCos: Why does it sound like Cameron is apologizing to Murdoch and not the public?

Maelewis: If Murdoch had no idea what was going on, he is not fit to run that great big media empire.

Leadfoot cracks me up!: OMG. Bristol is seriously the worst abstinence spokesperson EVER... I just saw a clip/commercial, in which she says, "I'm not telling people NOT to have sex. I think that is stupid. I'm just saying they should use protection every single time." Didn't she get paid about $300,000 to tell people not to have sex?!

Also, supposedly in this hour long freak-fest, she discusses Levi and how she wishes Tripp's father were in his life. AGAIN. Whine, whine, whine. 1) You purposely made a baby when you were 17-years old so STFU. 2) Your life is not hard, so STFU. 3) Levi does try to be in Tripp's life and you won't let him, so STFU you big giant lying sack of dog crap.

I feel better now.

DebinWI: OMG, either she thinks abstinence means abstain from getting pregnant -- not abstain from having sex; or if she does know, she's about to be canned from Candies -- or already is. Mommy is calling her right now. Cans are being thrown. "What did mother tell you to say??!! It's all your fault I'm not popular anymore!""

NJfan: If she is a "rill" journalism "expert" then why the hell did she have a ghostwriter write her books and Ram write on facebook for her?

SLQ quoted Bristol: "My family is the closest family EVER." (even though no one knew I was sleeping with Levi for 2 years, and my mom and dad don't sleep in the same room, and my sister smashes my other sister's face into a cake, and when we go on adventures in my mom's Alaska or a real American really expensive R.V. vacation to see the fabulous historical sights in our great shining nation on a hill, only some people get to/want to go)

Maelewis: The best example of that close loving family was the recent family vacation. No Bristol, Tripp and Trig. Todd and Willow left early. Piper acted out on a regular basis. Sarah was busy posing for the cameras and teaching us American History. We've seen Bristol's close family, and it's a mess.

Psalm023: I hope media or any feeling human who watched that last night starts to realize the Palins aren't victims of anything, except themselves. They persecute themselves by doing whatever they want; when they get caught, they blame others, blame the pills, blame, blame, blame. Don't care about how it might hurt or affect their brother, sister, daughter, son, grandson, parents, siblings, just say anything if it makes them feel like a victim.

Cackling Rad: Every time she starts whining about how hard it is being a single mom (was your nanny sitting in the audience with Tripp, Brissy?) I just want to slap her. Being a mom is hard, Brissy, period! It's even harder with no money and no family, as millions of women out there can attest. The difference is, we don't whine about it, and we certainly don't get PAID to whine about it.

Older_Wiser posted this link on Marcus Bachmann.

BellPeppery found this by The Guardian.

Bandit Basheert linked to Raw Story’s critique of The Undefeated and found this on HuffPo about Sarah Palin: The Undead

HopeforAmerica linked to this article on Palin’s lack of appeal to the middle, from Alaska Dispatch.

Emily Peacock™ linked to The Guardian on how News International deliberately blocked the investigation and Zane1 found this on The Guardian’s questions about the hacking scandal. Let’s hope they keep asking these questions, and more, until they get truthful answers.

Cheeriogirl found this – hahahaha!

BBT: This is totally O/T but explains the Dodd-Frank Act more clearly than I have seen elsewhere, so I thought our readers might find this of interest.

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