Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekly Roundup, July 4-10, 2011

By BlueberryT

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Declaration of Independence

The open thread is worth revisiting for its reminder of the courage of those who defied King George III when they declared independence – and how the fight for freedom is not over, governing such a divided nation is a huge challenge, and there are those who misuse and distort the work of the Founding Fathers to undermine the very principles of government that they established.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Palin’s Attacks President Obama (Subtext: Pay Attention to ME!)

Let the record show that Teutonic wrote his guest post BEFORE Palin’s most recent disrespectful remarks in which she referred to President Obama as a “sugar daddy.” (Reading that made me want to slap her across that smug lipsticky mouth of hers; but I digress.) This post focuses first on Palin’s criticisms of the President’s actions on foreign policy, accusing him of weakness. (I’ll bet that’s what Osama bin Laden would say, too, were he still alive; but I digress.) Teutonic then moves into a more philosophical vein as he reminds us that our greatest strengths as a nation come not from the power of the sword but from our generosity and compassion. At this point he will have lost Palin, who is not capable of such feelings. As he says, “So Ms Palin. In your relentless path to feed your ego, and mend your hurt feelings, do not allow your vainglorious aspirations to tarnish us. You do not speak for me, nor do you speak for most of our people…

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Leadfoot Takes Us on a Road Trip!

Leadfoot is younger but so much wiser than Sarah Palin. In this wonderful post, she takes us all on her road trip to the National Parks (and some other fun sites) along with Bella and her cousins. What fun! I love the chant celebrating our beautiful national parks, which as Ken Burns reminded us are “America’s Best Idea. (Socialist though.) It was also great fun to read the comments by our readers, who shared their memories of great road trips that they took with their families – many happy memories!

Friday, July 8, 2011

B®i$tol Palin™ abuses Tripp on TV + Hugh Grant shreds Tabloid

On The View, Miss Holier-Than-Thou-Revirginated-Palin talked about her sex life and made more disparaging comments about her son Tripp’s father WHILE TRIPP WAS IN THE AUDIENCE! As I understand it, this is child abuse. Please, someone, intervene for Tripp’s sake! Of course, if this is what she says about Levi when on national TV, I can imagine what potty-mouthed Bristol says about him in front of Tripp when the video isn’t running. If this part of the post makes your blood boil, then scroll down to the video of Hugh Grant taking on Paul McMullan of The News of the World tabloid… Grant is quick, sharp and right and makes the tabloids look like the blood-sucking parasites that they are. I chose the photo because he's a lot better "eye candy" than Bristol.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Is Sarah Palin Mentally Unstable?


Some Comments and Links

Nin1963: We have the most remarkable president, in my opinion. He is level, even, practical, steady, responsible and empathetic to this nation and to all of her citizens. In short, he is a fair-minded, good man.

Elizabeth44: This is a woman who never forget/forgives the smallest slight. This is a woman who is racist. This is a woman with at least one personality disorder. Put that together and I think she hates Mr. Obama way beyond her ability to reason. This is a blind hatred. She has to destroy that man who did that to HER. It is completely personal with her.

SCMommy: I have found that this President often seems to be doing things that I cannot make sense of--and I find that Andrew Sullivan often agrees with me on those kinds of things. Then, at some point, the madness of his method becomes clear, and as Andrew Sullivan refers to it, it's a "meep, meep" moment. As in the Roadrunner, outmanuevering the Coyote--again. So I have learned that when he doesn't seem to make sense--I wait for the "meep, meep." He has not failed me yet.

Louie Cypher: Hey Brisdull, wow I guess the crap doesn't fall far from the horses ass as they say. Ya know with all that horizontal tangoing you were doing, now I realize why DWTS called you up! I can hardly wait for the documentary "Undevirgined" You'll be a natural for the big screen it'll be like slipping into a nice worn old pair of Levi's! So you've told a few tales, not to worry I mean once that moral code been broken *wink *wink. Well I'm off to go camping with my friends Bartell and James, (Actually they're not coming just Jim Beam). Wish me luck -Louie

Leadfoot_LA: OMG - I just watched Bristol on the View and I am so mad. She bad-mouthed Levi RIGHT IN FRONT OF TRIPP. Tripp was sitting in the audience as she talked about how Levi should have to give up his parental rights. I'd love to pop her right in that chin implant. [BBT: to say nothing about talking about your sex life in front of your child.]

JCos: The only difference between Bristol and Levi is, he was sober and got raped on national TV. [And] Bristol is right with God? Let me guess, God told her?

Yes...I can hear it now..."Go forth, my child, and have indiscriminate sex while single with any of them, all of them. Then, earn a living telling everyone else NOT to do the same thing. It's the small-c christian way. It worked for your mother, and your grandfather."

Toccaro: And then I have to ask, what was the POINT of the interview if appropriate questions are not allowed? This is precisely the reason I don't watch these shows.

MamaGrisly: Poor Tripp. It is easy to predict how this will go. He will wonder where his daddy is… The Palin family will lie to him…and tell him that his father has no interest in seeing him and is a deadbeat dad. Tripp will wonder what is so awful about himself that his father does not care about him. It will make him feel sad and insecure for years. However, one day he will find out the truth...that his mother kept his father away from him and lied to him and the rest of the world about it. Then he will resent Bristol. I hope the money is worth it, Palins….

Maelewis: I don't know how to break this to Sarah, but choosing a life played out in the pubic eye subjects one to jokes, comments, criticism and more jokes.

FreeTrig: EVERYONE who has ever been close to Palin KNOWS that something is deeply wrong with her. Someday, perhaps, we will learn the truth of her pathology from someone who finally finds the strength to escape the vortex of dysfunction that she has created.

ApparentReality: Over the 4th of July I was at a gathering that included 2 RNs who have worked 30 years each in hospital psychiatric wards. They do not follow SP like we do, and only see occasional SP snippets on the news. Without prompting, they both said that she was a mess, had NPS for sure along with "other things", possibly Borderline Personality Disorder and a severe compulsion to lie. They said it is not unusual for a person to have multiple disorders wrapped up in one nearly impossible to cure, nasty package.

Linda1961: At least Dr. Frankenstein acknowledged his creation of a monster, and tried to stop him. Kristol and others of his ilk are disgusting.

Older_Wiser2 found this excellent piece on Daily Kos; the Orwell quote is outstanding.

BanditBasheert, Paradigm Shift and cheeriogirl linked to The Guardian, and comments, re Murdoch’s fall from grace (at long last).

cheeriogirl posted this link to DailyKos on exposing ALEC.

Here is a good clip of Dan Rather commenting on the media today.

I found this on Alternet, on Fox’s propaganda techniques.



Brilliant stand-up by comedian John Finnemore about the "News of the World" scandal - he not only is clever, funny and passionate, but also gives a good summary about the events:

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