Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly Roundup, July 11-17, 2011

by BlueberryT

Monday, July 11, 2011

Is Sarah Palin Mentally Unstable, Part 2

With H/T to ProChoiceGrandma, the consensus is: Hell Yes! And our readers and visitors overwhelmingly agree: the result of our poll was that a whopping 96% of respondents think she is mentally unstable. I do not claim to be a psychologist and do not purport to diagnose her condition, but IMO the signs of a mental disorder are in plain sight. They certainly warrant more attention if this woman is to continue to have a role in our public discourse, let alone a chance at a powerful public office. There is a growing distrust of Palin’s irrationality, which seems a more important topic for the media to investigate than where she was going on her “family vacation” (before she quit). Annes_123’s outstanding collection of photos seems to go well with this part of the roundup.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bad Politics Have Consequences

Ennealogic follows up on her earlier post to show what the real-world consequences would be if GOP’s efforts to dismantle government services succeed. Dangerous cars on the road, air pollution, unlicensed medical practitioners, untested drugs, contaminated food, unregulated electrical work, crumbling infrastructure, unclean supermarkets, excessive bank fees, dirty drinking water….you get the picture, and it’s not pretty.

On a happier note, today was the day that Wisconsin voters rejected the “fake Dems” by huge margins. It’s really too bad that Wisconsin voted the GOP in, because they did a lot of damage while in control of the state house – but thankfully, the voters have taken the first step in reclaiming their state from the GOP’s extremism.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Olbermann strikes back at Fox News’ blackmail

It took years, but Keith Olbermann waited for an opportune moment to reveal how he was treated by Fox News back in the day when he worked for their sports department. First he was blackmailed and later fired. Always nice to have an insider’s view of how these corrupt organizations work. It was undoubtedly for the best in the long run – can you imagine KO as a Fox pundit? Greta Van Susteren weighs in with her reasons why she thinks Sarah is running. And, for a real treat: Tildama and her daughter put together a great spoof on Sarah, including a bona fide "baby bump" – Great work, you two!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sarah Announces When She Might Announce

Sarah was on Hannity’s Insanity-Vanity again. It was more of her know-it-all sound bites criticizing President Obama and claiming that she has the common sense and pro-business values to lead this country. Debt ceiling yadda yadda. In case you are left in any doubt as to whether she will run, she said she will continue to play games at least until August or September (2012?). Kathleen closes with a good point that her association with Murdoch and Fox News may hurt her: “Does America really need a fact twisting, Rupert Murdoch, Fox news employee as President?

Bernie Sanders, Populist and Tweeter Extraordinaire!

A friend of mine worked for Bernie Sanders back when he was the mayor of Burlington, VT. I remember hearing about him back 20+ years ago, and as I learned more I realized that he was truly a man of the people. So here he is today, holding forth on the Senate floor as he calls attention to the interests of the American people. And now he has Twitter! I enjoy his tweets, and putting them together sends an even more powerful message about how the interests of the wealthy and corporations are thwarting our country’s economic progress and social justice. I want a “fact sheet” of Bernie’s tweets to go to every household in America.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Palin’s propaganda film opens and it’s a laugher

This was a wonderful way to end the week – watching the alternative “trailer” for The Undefeated! Bonus: Azure Ghost’s brilliant artistry is in full display with a great collection of movie posters: The Unethical, Unbalanced, Undecided, Undead. Perfect!! Enjoy more movie reviews and a few more excellent video clips -- sometimes you just have to laugh! Kilob summed it up in this tweet: @sarahpalinusa The Undefeated is so bad Netflix doesn't want it returned when it is rented!”

Some comments and links:

Lilybart: If she can win and she knows what is best for America, then why isn't she running? She could save the country but is not sure if she will bother. Do I have this about right?

Mrsgunka: Sometime in the near future they will add Palin Disorder Syndrome to the book of disorders.

Psalm023: if someone has NPD, they can fool a lot of people for a lifetime. When those close to them have finally had enough, they will pursue answers and get them and find support groups for victims of an NPD or other PDisorders; hence, when victims find out that they are not the ones who are crazy, they can break free from the tentacles. Those on the outside who are just acquainted with the NPD'er, won't see the craziness - NPD's are professionals at masking their true nature, and have learned at an early age how to control and manipulate others...

Paradigm Shift: How does Sarah Palin screw in a light bulb? She stands on a ladder with the light bulb and waits for the world to revolve around her.

HighPeaks: It has become increasingly difficult to ignore that what passes for the mainstream of today's Republican party has serious mental stability issues of its own, yet it somehow still manages to successfully portray these pathological beliefs and behaviors as normal, even laudable and exemplary. Palin's followers and those whose favorite flavor of dysfunction tends more towards the internment camp paranoia of Bachman, the homophobia of Santorum, or of Gingrich's claims to being a towering conservative intellectual, are all equally delusional. They will never detect the obvious signs of impairment in Sarah Palin or any of these others because it is an impairment that they blindly and willingly share.

Zane1: You know, in a different time a candidate with this much baggage would be put out to pasture. Neither party would be playing games with the future of our country, but these are strange times. We have a party that is willing to bankrupt this country in order to win the next election. If they did, God forbid, they have no plan. With the world in the state that it's in we just can not afford Sarah Palin in any significant political role. Her narcissist personality leaves little room for the real issues of the day. Outside of some jibberish she really has no concept of what is going on. It's all about Sarah & who did what to her & how she is going to get even. IMO the last family vacation & her behavior at Rolling Thunder (dopey sex kitten) should have sealed the deal, but instead she goes back to her bat cave & reemerges on the cover of Newsweek, showing the world her aging boobs & telling us "I Can Win". Really when will the media stop aiding & abetting this mentally ill woman who is out the destroy this country, just like she has destroyed those who have crossed her.

Marieke02: People with her cluster of personality disorder symptoms are impossible to work with (as a shrink or anyone else) EXCEPT from a position of power -- and in this case even Roger Ailes couldn't succeed. And they are all too often unwittingly enabled even by those who understand there's something wrong and are trying to help. But you hit the nail on the head: ignoring them, NOT paying the adulation to which their delusions tell them they are entitled, not going along just to keep them from erupting yet again -- all these things, and even minor defeats, do deflate their fragile egos far more than one would ever expect. (And yes, the bigger the apparent ego, the more insecure the person walled up behind it; that's almost a rule of thumb.) So Sarah going catatonic in Game Change is just a part of the lovely, lovely (choke) narcissistic package, but also too a great clue on how to help her retreat into a well-deserved oblivion.

The real issue isn't Palin though: it's our craven media who not only derive money from parading her endlessly before us, but also seem to still find her politically useful. And even if Murdoch finally gets his just desserts, what about CNN, NBC, ABC, Newsweek, ad nauseum: their owners are nothing more than Murdoch-wannabees and their hands are probably not a whole lot cleaner than his. If we really had a genuinely free press (and "press" rather than "media"), Sarah Palin would never have made the national stage and would probably just be an ordinary housewife again in Wasilla, having served out her full term as governor and then voted out of office by a very large margin.

JCos at her irreverent best: OMG... there's been a huge misunderstanding!! The title of the film about Palin is actually... Undie Fetid.

Kathleenpoliticalgates: Yes -- we had a conversation with a source in Alaska who told us that she was treated for a mental disorder which the source later confirmed was bi polar disorder.

I couldn’t resist this from Kilob: Well welcome to my pithy party!! ;-) Membership is absolutely free. Each time you detect a Palin scam or falsehood, you earn valuable Palin Frequent Liar Points which you can redeem for worthless garbage on C4P.

IWantTheTruth: …I'm reading a very interesting book called In Sheep's Clothing about manipulative people… My favorite chapter is about the many tactics of covert aggressives which he says we need to know and learn to recognize when they are used on us by covert aggressives. Here's a list of those tactics: lying, minimization of how bad what they did was, outright denial, selective inattention or attention, rationalization often done to make the victim feel guilty or shamed, diversion, evasion (rambling incoherent irrelevant responses) with deliberate use of vagueness, covert intimidation, guilt tripping, shaming, playing the victim, villifying the real victim, playing (overplaying) the servant role, seduction, projecting, feigning innocence, feigning ignorance or confusion, and finally brandishing anger…

Yellow rose: …There's a difference between being "independent" and a "rogue" and being downright foolish and erratic. Stupid and unpredictable is not reassuring for most Americans right now.

Azure Ghost: Our President is the polar opposite of the bipolar Palin!

Here is a BBC post on the British tabloid-phone hacking scandal; here is a link to a BBC post.

Juicyfruityy taught me something I didn’t know, which I always appreciate: An Apocalypse (Greek: ποκάλυψις apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation") is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted.

Joe Christmas reminded us of this classic post by Maureen Dowd.

Former Republican and others linked to the LATimes – Sarah might win a Razzie!

Cystalwolfakacaligrl linked to PolitiFact and Wonkette on Palin’s lie about Slim-Jims (sliding into absurdity). [BBT: Maybe the bigger story is that Newsweak reported this not only as fact but as evidence of Palin’s economic expertise.]

ProChoiceGrandma pointed out this great article, “Why I support same-sex marriage.”

Need a good laugh? WesinOregon found a great video of “Michele and Marcus Bachmann.”

Here’s a clip from Mediate posted by Honestyingov – Jon Stewart and Jerry Seinfeld on Marcus Bachmann “praying away the gay.” (I watched this at 5 a.m. – what a way to start the day!)

The Last Word: Indy_girl found this on Wonkette: "Aging wizard Sarah Palin sets off in a gaudy vacation bus vowing to destroy the liberal media's horcruxes, or whatever, also, but gives up halfway through her journey just because. However, by failing in the task she set out to accomplish, she manages to hold on proudly to her title as undefeated champion of Quittich. The end." (H/T to OneYieldRegular)

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