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Video One: Keith Olbermann -- Rupert Murdoch's Henchmen at Fox Blackmailed Me. Video Two: How She Did It. Greta 7 Reasons Why SheThinks Palin Will Run

By Kathleen

Last night in a special comment on Countdown at Current TV Keith Olbermann described how he was blackmailed by Rupert Murdoch's henchmen. Knowing that Olbermann's doctor was concerned about his health the executives at Fox wielded their axes of power over Olbermann's head and threatened to run his health into the ground through overwork if he did not comply with their second alternative suggestion that he reduce his hours by half and his salary by a whopping 60 per cent. They knew that Olbermann at the time had little recourse but to accept their conditions. It was blackmail pure and simple.

Over at politicususa Jason Easley makes the point that it seems that many people who are employed by News Corp are afraid to cross it and that "the culture there seems intent on destroying all enemies, real or imagined."

Keith Olbermann believes that the scandals hitting News Corp stand a very good chance of bringing both it and Rupert Murdoch down. I hope that Keith is correct and that they are all going down. That the ship has not merely sprung a leak but that it is sinking fast.

For those of you who missed it here is the youtube video of Keith's Special Comment:

Now I have a confession to make. I have been sitting on the following video since sometime in May. It pains me to admit that I was going to post it way back then but something, I cannot remember what now, was given priority and the video not only went on the back-burner but I completely forgot about it until several days ago when it suddenly popped back into my mind's view. Better late than never.

Australia is a great country. I actually lived there for several years so I am qualified to make that judgement. It must also be said that many Aussies are very resourceful people if our reader Tildama is a typical representative that is.

You see Tildama was inspired by some comments made by Politicalgates reader marieke02 regarding the idea of shooting a video showing a woman wearing the garment that many of us think Palin may have worn as part of her pregnancy scam.

Tildama thought that the idea would be a great social experiment and went about trying to purchase the fake pregnancy belly offered on ebay. However, her plans seemed to come to a halt when meanie ebay refused to sell to her all the way in ozland. Not being one to accept no for an answer Tildama quite literally took the matter into her own hands and made her own fake pregnancy suit. I said that Aussies are resourceful! Aren't the photos wonderful? They certainly made me smile when I first saw them.

That was part one of project "How she did it." Inspirational, my dear Tildama.

For part two of the project please watch the following video starring Tildama's daughter in the role of a certain former Alaska Governor who found a way to fake a pregnancy. Enjoy! (Be sure to turn the volume up at the end as the voice fades a little.)

I shouldn't forget to say that it is Tildama's very beautiful daughter's 21st Birthday Week.

Many Happy Returns "M" and enjoy your party on Saturday.


First, she has never said no. In fact, she told me in an interview about 8 weeks ago, and this remark has been repeated by other journalists to her and by her, she has the “fire in her belly” interest in running. This is not a yes, and it is not a no but leans more in the yes direction. In that interview I tried to get a more definitive answer out of her as to whether she is running or not but only got admission of “fire in the belly.” Second, we have not heard much from her since her bus tour which makes me suspicious that she is gearing up (but just a guess…maybe she is doing something else? writing another book? spending time with her family? ) Third, as the days go on, some of the declared Republican candidates are having a few troubles – whether it be a gaffe or troubles raising money. This must be tempting to a politician looking at the race and who has not said no. Fourth, I read in the Des Moines Register that there are Palin volunteers – not from a Palin organization – all over the ground in Iowa. Fifth, there seems to be a media strategy – two weeks ago a documentary about her time as Governor opened in Iowa and then yesterday the cover story in Newsweek Magazine hit the newsstands. Sixth, she has already gone through the media digging into her life and past which discourages many politicians. Seventh, are there any signs she is not running other than that she is not physically in Iowa and has not declared a candidacy?

There is a poll if you want to participate.


Inside camera at the Bachmann clinic.

An undercover patient who attended a course of therapy at Bachmann & Associates Incorporated has revealed that despite claims by Marcus Bachmann that his clinic does not offer reparative therapy (otherwise known as pray away the gay therapy) that the treatment that he received had the specific aim of transforming him from a homosexual into a heterosexual.

The patient also revealed that Marcus Bachmann recommends a book written by an ex lesbian, Janet Boynes, who believes that she has been cured of her homosexuality through God. Marcus Bachmann's note says that "she speaks to the heart of the matter and gives practical insights of truth to set people free."

Each session that the client attended began and ended with a prayer. Clinton Anderson of the American Psychological Association believes that such methods are not only ineffective but can be potentially damaging.

Michelle Bachmann however claims that Americans are not interested in what goes on in her husband's clinic and that the treatment of his patients is in any case confidential. Let's hope that the State of Minnesota and the federal government investigate.

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