Monday, July 25, 2011

Sarah Palin: What would be your legacy?

Guest post by teutonic13

Graphic by teutonic13

You sadden me Sarah.

What would you do? Just answer that once as in the meme of the question Bill O posed to you on Fox News. What would you do Sarah? Discredit your neighbour? Target the dumpster divers? Use the same old deviating palm writing excuse- because it was a quick rebound after all- when you got busted for that? Turn the attention away from the subject of your shortfalls?

Sarah Palin - ever the opportunist.

So immersed in Obama, so willing to tread on him. Is that the solution? Easy to pick on him isn't it? His skin tone alone suggests a potential allegiance to thousands of white racists. So one up on that girl friend.

We are a better nation because of Obama. The world respects him- except of course the critics from the right. They seek to destroy what Mr. Obama stands for. He represents a chance for those less advantaged, gives credence to the oppressed, and strives for social equality.

There is no question in my mind that if threatened, Obama would be steady handed in his resolve. We have seen his decisiveness with Bin Laden, and the Somali Pirate intervention. A very measured and calculated response that preserves integrity, and protects our rights as a nation.

I pity any fool that fails to respect his decisiveness.

But your hand might not be so even. You show your cards because you can't help yourself. The world is not a 4 move chess game. It doesn't play like that. Leading a nation sounds like a bold and patriotic thing. But guess what? We are outnumbered by far, by other despots and tyrants that unlike you, are educated and thoroughly more cunning.

Knowing that because the repertoire of your negotiating skills is limited, the last alternative (pressing a launch code- a preamble to Armageddon), may surface far too prematurely as a 1 trick pony (as far as the heavy stick to be carried). That would be reminiscent of Nikita Khrushchev when he slammed his shoe down on the table during a United Nations assembly in 1962. It was calculated theater, caught everybody's attention, brought the world to the brink of Nuclear extinction, and was exposed as a coward's vain effort to bluff the world.

Only the stupid raise merit to boisterousness as opposed to true strength. Strength is based on one's moral conviction that is almost always born from hard decisions, and self sacrifice. The self-absorbed base the merit of their argument on papier-mâché- a fabrication of effort effused with smoke and mirrors.

So Sarah? What would people say about you if you became the leader of this UNITED states?

Sarah Palin: What would be your legacy?

I won't ask what you have read, because obviously you do follow the media like a hound. I don't condemn you for that, Sarah, we all select our comfort zone.

But what do you do aside from hate us?

Is the last thing that you go to sleep thinking filled with hate and rebuttals?

What goes through your mind as you wake up for coffee and breakfast?

Do you relive your net worth before you kiss your children?

Is it like being a cornered animal, that if and only if- the world was as your vision, that you could gnaw your way out of the scrutiny that your self same lapses in judgment have beset upon you?

So as president, would we have to witness that?

I think not.

There have been enough misspellings in the last decade, let's not invite a 09/12 because you mistake baseless temerity for political acumen. Waving your hand with drivel written on it to wash away your lack of attention to detail will not give pause to the those you deem less worthy, it shall not feed the misfortunate, it shall not deter those you underestimate, and it will certainly not harness those you fear.

The presidency requires substance and honesty, even if that honesty may cause risk to future personal endeavors for oneself, it is an honesty that the American people deserve, that the world requires in terms of our accountability.

The road to the presidency is a test of mettle. By it's very nature it is deliberately exhausting. An effort designed to separate the chaff from the wheat. It requires perseverance, strength of conviction, and a self review in a mirror that does not reflect The Picture of Dorian Gray.

It is not a post on Facebook, written by a less than gifted, ghostly hand.

It is not the Wizard of Oz hiding behind the curtains of an empty movie theater playing "The Undefeated".

And it is not going to end up on your resume below the 4 colleges you say you attended.

It will be a side note, and no doubt Ms. Palin, you shall remain an Asterisk * at the bottom of a Wikipedia article on the 2012 presidential election, similar to the * on your governorship of Alaska.


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